Do George Soros Donates Out Of His Networth? Here Are The Facts

As per industry estimates, Soros has a networth of more than $8 billion and out of which he has donated approx $30 billion for charity.

George Soros started gaining popularity when he gained $1 billion on Sept. 16, 1992, simply by short selling the British pound.

Does George Soros Give Any of His Money Away?

Soros has given a total of $32 billion to the Foundations.

He supports education by contributing almost $500 million endowment lastyear.

Did you know?

Soros' father was a lawyer. During the Nazi occupation he bought his family forged papers and bribed an official who then claimed Soros was his Christian godson.

Sources of George Soros Money?

George Soros estabhlished "first hedge fund"- "Double Eagle", in 1969. After running it successfully, he ventured into a second one, called "Soros Fund Management", in 1970.

Lateron, Double Eagle was started recognising as the "Quantum Fund”.

His knowledge of economic trends along with hefty investment capabilities and risk taking ability helped him accumulate this wealth.

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