Did you know, Tom Brady the famous footballer has snatched the phone from his wife?

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After watching this video, fans are stunned to see him smiling in front of the bathroom mirror? Wondering Why?

Tom Brady was spotted in a pair of grey Underwear and his wife splashed the water on his face and captured it on video. The video went viral.

Is this Brady who was embarrassed and hiding the camera with a napkin?

Yes, Got it right he is Tom Brady the superstar who is launching a new underwear line but in a new fun buzzing fashion.

But what’s the new hilarious fashion of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen? Swipe right to know more

Brady was shown Marketing Brady’s brand and his wife asking him to see “let me see, let me see your new underwear. Is that Brady new Underwear?”

The Fans went crazy after seeing their superstar in a compromising situation!

In their craziness One fan wrote: It's More like Tb-12 inches.

After Launching his underwear line, is he becoming a millionaire ?

Tom Brady has proved that his value will continue to increase in the market!

Here’s why

As he is a brand ambassador for a plethora of luxury brands and merchandise.

And now he gave another reason to his audience to excite them with his new gesture!