What do your stars have to say this week, and who will be lucky?

Aries = This week, Aries individuals must take care of their finances as well as their minds. Simply resist running your own arbitrariness and rejecting the advise of others, whether at home or outside.

Taurus = Taurus individuals will have more opportunity to advance in life this week, but bear in mind that both your actions and your health might be major factors in your failure.

Gemini = This week is lucky and prosperous for those born under the sign of Gemini. You may have a significant opportunity to advance in life at the start of the week.

Cancer = This week, the residents of Cancer must avoid both loans and mergers.

Leo= This week might be quite hectic for Leos. In the beginning of the week, you may have to travel considerable distances for work or business.

Virgo = This week will be especially lucky for persons born under the sign of Virgo. Good fortune will be knocking at your door at the start of the week.

Libra = This week, Libras should avoid making far losses amid their near gains.

Scorpius =This week has brought some problems for Scorpions, which they will need to overcome with extra effort and hard work.

Sagittarius = Sagittarius persons may have to run a lot this week in order to do their intended task on time.

Capricornus = Capricorns will see some ups and downs this week. This week, your job will appear to be done very simply at times, and you may have to run harder for the task that appears to be very easy at others.

Aquarius = This week, Aquarius individuals will be able to use their wisdom and caution to solve long-standing difficulties.

Pisces = This week, Pisces folks will be surrounded by good fortune. You may receive some excellent news about your career company at the start of the week.