Vestige Business Plan [Is it a Great Marketing Plan?]

Vestige Plan is for everyone who wants to save money in regular household purchases and also earn by marketing of this exclusive Business Model. Vestige is a Great Business Opportunity Offering Exclusive Marketing Plan to earn money in 9 different option.

Benefits of Vestige Business Plans

Vestige Plans has got many benefits and the best part is that you can start it with zero investment. There is absolutely no barrier and its suitable to every one. Following is the list of all Vestige Plan’s benefits –

Let us discuss them one by one –

Zero Investment

Vestige is a great plan for end users and marketers as its free for everyone. You just have to join it for free, ask for help from seniors to learn it and you can simply start it from the Day 1. Also, you do not need any office setup.


Its your life, so you have all the right to manage your time. With Vestige Business and Marketing Plan, you can choose your own working hours and work accordingly. You just need to be regular to scale it up.

Nominee Facility and Continuation of Business

This is one of the best part of Vestige’s Business Plan that it never ends. Even when you are not there, your family or nominee will get the monthly payments.

Support from Seniors

Another great feature of Vestige’s Plan is that you get maximum support from your seniors. You can easily learn everything about it. There are seminars, presentations, one to one calls and a lot more.

Recession Proof Business Plan

It is a Recession Proof business model by Vestige. Simply because the products are not at all costly and are used as daily needs products at every Indian Household. Even in situations like Corona, This business model proved its Recession Proof quality.

9 Amazing Vestige Plans [Review of Vestige Marketing Plan]

With Vestige you earn 9 types of Income.

Savings on Self Consumption

Vestige Marketing Plan (Savings on consumption)

Performance Bonus

Vestige Business Bonus Plan

Bronze Director Bonus

Details of Vestige Business Model

Business Building

Business Plan Explained by Vestige

Leadership Overriding Business

Review of Vestige Plan's Leadership overriding bonus

Travel Fund

How to get Travel Fund in Vestige Business Plan?

Car Fund

Steps to earn car fund income by Vestige Marketing and Business Plan.

House Fund

Who can earn House Fund in Vestige's Business Model

Elite Club Bonus

How to reach Elite Club and earn extra reward from Vestige

Rating: 5 out of 5.

FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions About Vestige Plan]

What is Vestige Plan?

Vestige Plan is a Unique Business Model which can be started with Zero Investment and you can opt to work Full time or Part time as per your flexibility. You can apply for Free Membership of Vestige Marketing Plan easily. With Vestige Marketing Plan you can earn a descent monthly income plus various bonuses like Travel Fund, Card Fund and even House Fund.

What is the Benefit of Vestige ?

Vestige is different from other Business Plans as you need zero investment in this Business Model. You can start from part time and later on make it your full time business. It is a recession Proof model as the products are daily use products of every house hold today in India.

What is PV and BV in Vestige?

In Vestige Business Plan, PV is Point Value. BV is Business Volume.

What documents are Required to Enroll in Vestige Business Plan?

1- Valid Address Proof (Aadhar / Driving License / Voter ID Or Passport) (for KYC)
2- PAN Card.
3- Cancelled Cheque or Bank Satement with Proper IFSC Code, Account Number and Account Holder’s name should be printed on it.