12 New English Stories for Children (Moral Stories): 2023

Stories with Moral are liked by every one. It can be a Short or Small English Story with just 100 words, if it has good Moral, its still powerful. We have lot of stories in this websites which are popular and shared across Social Media. 

We always update and collect new stories, they are all fresh, but always teaches us a Moral which is useful in our lives. Simple, Short and Creative Stories for Kids you will definitely like.

12 The Latest Short Moral Stories in English - 2023

All of these stories are for young kids up to 10 years. All of these are new stories, quick short read but with great lessons important for every kid to learn. Stories are the best and creative way to learn lessons for your life.

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1. Parrots And the Bird

parrots and the bird story

This one is quite popular which centers around a man who lived in Haiderpur and owned a lot of parrots. He was devoted to his parrots and fed them a wide variety of foods. The man went to the store and bought a new gorgeous bird, which he took home. When the parrots saw that lovely bird, they were envious.

As a result, all of the parrots devised a plot to assassinate the bird. When the bird was attacked by parrots, the guy saw it and intervened to save the bird. The man abandoned the parrots in the wild because of their bad behaviour.

Moral of the story:

The story reminds us that being envious of others may lead to self-harm.

2. Never Complain

This story is simply one of the best ones. It revolves around the hottest time of the year. The sun was scorching hot. Two passengers were travelling down a sandy road with no trees on either side. They came upon a tree with large leaves and branches stretched out like an umbrella as they looked for some shade from the blazing heat.

never complain story

They sat in the pleasant, dense shade of the tree, their stuff on the ground. “What a worthless tree that is!” one traveller tells the other after taking a break. It doesn’t produce any fruit in the least.”

The tree felt squeezed and screamed, “You ungrateful soul!” after hearing this. On the one hand, you’re seeking refuge from the sun’s scorching heat in my cool shade, and on the other, you’re dismissing me as worthless. Get up and leave the area right away, or you’ll get burnt again.”

Moral of the story:

Stop complaining and always be grateful for what you have in your hands. Some others don’t even have what you have, so start appreciating what you have.

3. The king and his monkey friend 

In ancient times there was a king. His name was Agrpanthaka Sen. The king was brave and peace-loving. He always helped the needy and everyone was happy during his reign. His best friend was a wise monkey, Batuknath. The king was always accompanied by his monkey friend everywhere. 

the king and his monkey

Once, a saint came to meet the king. He told the king that a giant is stealing food from everyone but no one dares to stop him because he is so big. He described that the giant has spike-like big fangs, Big elephant-like ears, and big claws. The Saint requested the king to help him. 

 After hearing about the giant, Agrpanthaka assured the saint that he will help him and capture the king. But the giant was too big and powerful. Thus the king decided to seek the help of his monkey friend Batuknath. he explained everything to Batuknath. He smiled and asked the king to take him as well when he’ll go to capture the giant.

The next day the king and his monkey friend went to capture the giant. On their way, Batuknath advised the king to buy a trumpet, some crackers, a big carpet,  and some spear spikes. King didn’t know why his friend made him buy those things. 

After a long journey of weeks, they finally arrived at the lair where that giant was living. Inside the lair, the big giant was sleeping. Batuknath asked the king to hide somewhere and the king did so. Then Batuknath started playing the trumpets they brought on their way.

Since trumpets were loud the giant woke up from sleep. He asked angrily “ who is it ?”, Batuknath again blew the trumpet and relied “ Ha Ha Ha Ha I am the king of Giants, I have come here to teach you a lesson. 

You are a thief…what a shame !, Batuk further said “I am waiting for you outside your lair…..since I am so big I cannot enter your lair. But when you’ll come outside I will capture you.

Hahahahahahah”. After hearing this the giant got sacred a bit and decided not to go outside. The giant asked the Batuk that if he is the giant king himself then show him some proof. Batuknath already knew it would happen, thus he threw spear spiked into the lair and said “ See….these are my teeth. Hahahahaha”. After seeing the spikes the giant started to panic. 

Then Batuknath lighted some crackers, after hearing loud bangs of crackers the giant asked from inside “w..what is happening ?”. Batuknath answered growling “ I was just clapping because I am so happy that I will capture you today…haahahahahahahaha”. After hearing this the giant got too scared that he started crying.

He pled Batuknath while crying “buhuhuuuuu….please forgive me O King. I will stop stealing things from people”. Now Batuknath got his chance and said “baahahahahaha…alright poor giant. I can forgive you but you have to come outside. And keep your eyes close. I am very-very scary, If you’ll see me you” ll lose consciousness. 

So the giant came outside while keeping his eyes closed. The moment he came outside King Agrpanthak seized the giant with carpet and took him to his prison. The king thanked his monkey friend Batuknath for his intelligence.

4. The Paper Boat 

the paper boat

Rangoli lived with her family in a small town. One day while coming from school she saw some children playing with paper boats. She got very happy to see those colorful paper boats. And now she also wanted one for her. When she reached home she asked her older brother to show her how to make a paper boat.

Thus her brother made a beautiful paper boat for her and wrote her name “Rangoli” on her paper boat. 

She was so happy to own a paper boat now. She decided to go outside play with the boat the next day. When she woke up the next day she saw that it was raining heavily outside and water was flowing in streets and roads.

She Searched for her paper boat. But the boat was not there. She searched her room but couldn’t find it. She rushed to her brother and asked “I lost my Boat”. He smiled and said, “Not at all ! your boat is outside the house”. Thus she went outside her house and found that her boat got bigger! It became as big as a real boat. She sat on her boat and it started floating on water. 

Then she traveled the whole city on her boat. On her way, she was accompanied by other children on their boats. People were waving at them.

She was so happy. Then she heard her mother’s voice “ get up Rangoli, I have prepared your favorite breakfast today”. She opened her eyes and found that she was dreaming all the time. She was so happy about the dream and told everyone about it. 

5. New Friend 

new friend story

Sheena and Aman are siblings. They have shifted to a new city. The city was big, it had many playgrounds and toy shops. But they were sad because they didn’t have friends in the new place. After playing with their toys they got bored soon.

They decided to explore their area and took their bicycles and went out. They found a little bird on the pavement. It was scared and was unable to fly. They took the little bird with them and showed it to their parents. Sheena asked her father “what has happened to this bird ?”.” Can we keep it please ?” asked Aman innocently. 

Their Father examined the bird and said that the bird was wounded need to be treated. Until it gets healthy again they can keep it.

Their father carefully tended the wound of the little bird and gave it water and grains to eat. After some days the bird became healthy again and started to fly again. Their father said that it is time to free the bird as it has become healthy now.

Sheena and Aman were sad to hear this. They thought they had to find new friends again as the bird could no longer stay with them. But to their surprise, the little bird did not fly away. It made a nest in the attic of their house. Now Sheena and Aman are happy again to have their friend back. 

6. Bholu 

bholu story

Once there were four friends, Bholu, Teena, Sam, and Ayush. Except for Bholu the other three always used to finish their homework, they never cheated in games, they never used to hit their friends and classmates. But Bholu was a naughty child.

He used to hit his class fellows, never completed his homework on time, and often used to cheat in games. One evening after school they were playing under a tree. They didn’t know that the tree was a magical tree. They heard a voice “Come here, my dear Children”.

They all looked here and there but no one was there. Thus Teena asked “who called us just now ?”. the tree replied, “I called you . Look here”. 

They all looked towards the tree in surprise and Bholu asked “Mr. Tree can you talk ?” The tree said, “yes. I can talk. I know all of you. I know every child of this world.

I can give you whatever you want”. Ayush Asked again “can you give us whatever we will ask for?”. The Tree said ”Yes my child. You can ask me whatever you want”. They became very happy.

Teena asked for a doll and tree gave her a doll. Ayush asked for a cute puppy and the tree granted him a cute puppy. Sam wished for a toy car and the tree gave him the car. But when Bholu asked that he want a football the tree refused to grant his wish. The tree told him that he hit his friends, He doesn’t complete his homework and does cheating in play as well. Bholu 

started to cry. The tree asked him if he promise to complete his homework on time, never hit his friends again, and never cheat in games again, only then he’ll give him a football. Bholu promised all those things and the tree gave him a football. From that day Bholu also became a good boy. 

7. Trees don’t walk

tree dont walk story

Appu was walking with his grandfather when he got tired his grandfather took him under a tree and they sat under the shadow of a tree. Suddenly Appu said -“I wish tree could walk”. Then we could sit under its shadow anywhere. His grandfather smiled and said, “indeed it would be amazing. But trees don’t walk”.

Under the tree shadow, Appu started dozing and soon slept. In his dream, he saw that trees could walk. 

Just like humans and other animals. Now anyone can have fruits as they don’t have to go to the market to buy the fruits and vegetables.

Trees and plants themselves come to humans so that they can have their fruits and vegetables. Soon Humans became greedy and they demanded more fruits and vegetables from the trees. People started to have fights over some rare tree. Trees were being threatened by humans to come to their houses. 

As a result, all the trees got angry and froze themselves wherever they were standing. They gripped the land with their roots so tight that no one bulge them from their place.

Appu woke up from sleep. Now he knows why trees don’t walk. 

8. Little Elephant 

little elephant story

Once there was a little elephant Taaro. He was living with his family in a big jungle. Sadly Taaro didn’t have any friends because other kids used to tease him because of his long nose, especially Joey Fox. And because of that Taaro started to stop playing with other kids in the jungle. He used to sit alone on the bank of a river.

One day he heard a noise in the jungle. It was coming from the direction of Joey Fox’s house. 

When he went there he saw other animals running towards him. They were running from something while shouting and crying for help. He asked the MoMo Monkey that, what is the situation and why they were running and shouting for help. MoMo Monkey told him that Joey Fox’s home has got fire and it is spreading in other parts of the jungle.

Someone needs to extinguish the fire or it will spread and burn the whole jungle. Little Taaro also got scared and started to run towards his home. 

But he saw his whole family was going in the direction of fire. He also went there. He saw that his family was spraying a huge amount of water from their big noses.

He also started doing so. Like his family, he also carried water in his nose and sprayed it on fire. After some time they managed to extinguish the fire. Every animal thanked them for saving their lives. Taaro has understood the utility of his nose. Now he was a hero among the kids and he was proud because of his nose. 

9. Clever Golu 

clever golu

Golu is a farmer who lives in a village. Golu never went to school but he is very intelligent. Last year he got more crop production than the previous year. After selling the crop in the market he earned a lot of money. One night a thief came to his village to steal wealth. He went to Golu’s house. Golu was intelligent he knew that thieves might attempt to try his earned money. Thus he used to be cautious, especially during the night.

He saw the thief coming towards his house through a crack in his window pane. When a thief came near his house he hid behind a wall.

Golu knew that the thief was hiding outside thus he started to talk in a loud voice that “Thank God I have earned a lot of money this year. 

But no one knows that I have hidden it on the mango tree near the well”. When the thief heard this he thought that Golu has made his job so easy and now he’ll take all his money from the tree and leave Golu’s house. Golu saw it all and took a breath of relief that his wealth is safe now. When the thief reached the well he saw something he saw that something was hanging from the mango tree. 

It was so dark then and he couldn’t clearly see what was hanging there. He assumed that it must be the bundle of money that Golu has earned. He quickly climbed on the tree and grabbed the bundle of money. But he found that it wasn’t the bundle of money but he was holding a beehive.

He realized that he has been tricked by Golu. And now he has made the bees very angry. He left the place and ran away and never came back. Golu is a rich farmer now. 

10. Strength In unity 

Once upon a time, a flock of sparrow birds used to live in Sundarban Jungle. They used to fly far from their home in search of food. One day they saw grains on some field from the sky. They decided to land there and eat those grains.

It was all normal before. They ate the food and saved some for their new ones. But they tried to fly again they were able to do so. They couldn’t understand what is happening. They saw a cow grazing nearby and asked her why they cannot fly anymore. The cow said that it was a trap laid by a human and all of them have been trapped now. After hearing this the sparrows started to panic. 

But the cow was wise. She told them that they still have time to get themselves free. One sparrow asked her “but how ?  we are small birds and this trap is heavy for us that is why we cannot fly”. The cow smiled and said “yes.

You are small in size but you are in great numbers. If all you try to fly together at the same time you might even carry the trap with you”. All the sparrows tried to fly together at the same time. To their surprise, their flock was able to lift the whole trap with them in the sky.

They put some more strength and finally they arrived in Sunderban. Their friend rat cut all the trap with its sharp teeth and freed them from the trap. They have learned the strength of unity. 

11. Three arrows 

Mushan Ji was a courtier in the royal court of King Maan Singh. He was witty and jubilant.

One day Maan Singh was practicing arrow shooting and Mushan Ji was also there with him.  Mushan Ji was fond of boasting about his fake skills. When he saw Maan Singh shooting arrows he couldn’t stop himself from boasting again. He told Maan Singh “ Dear King. Your arrow shooting skills are amazing but mine is even better”. 

King replied, “really ? why you think Mushan Ji that your arrow shooting skills are better than mine ? I have never you shooting arrows before neither I have heard about it from someone else”. 

Mushan Ji lied again “HoHoHoHo…My King. I have never shown my skills to anyone because it is very dangerous. My ancestors were the specialists of arrow shooting and I have learned it secretly”. He further said looking into the sky “ I am so skilled that I can hit the bullseye even with looking at it”. The king knew Mushan Ji was lying to him and he took it very lightly. He asked Mushan Ji to show him his amazing skills and shoot a bullseye by looking at it.  Now Mushan Ji was trapped in his own lie and he couldn’t defy the King’s order as well.

A bow and arrows were given to Mushan Ji and he was blind Folded. Everyone was waiting to see his skills. Mushan had to perform but he remained calm and knock his arrow on the bow and shot it in the direction of where the bull’s eye target was set. 

Arrow couldn’t even reach the target. Everyone laughed including the king. Mushan Ji assumed correctly that his arrow has not hit the target. He exclaimed “HoHoHoHoHo…I was just checking if the bowstring is right or not. He knock the second arrow and shot it again in the direction of the bull’s eye but the arrow flew from the side of the target. Everyone laughed again. Mushan Ji announces that “I know it didn’t hit the target. I was showing how others shoot the arrow. 

The way you shoot it’s impossible that you’ll hit the target”. He knocked the third arrow and prayed. He shot the third arrow in the direction of the target and it hit the bull’s eye !. Everyone was shocked, even the king was mesmerized to witness the incident.

He told Mushan Ji “ It hit the target  ! It hit the target!”. Even Mushan Ji was surprised that he actually hit the target this time. But he showed as if it was normal for him and announced “ and that’s how I shoot an arrow “.  

12. Cloth Makers 

Haaru was a cloth maker. He used to make clothes from yarn and earn living by selling them in towns and cities markets. One day he went to a city that was very far from his village. It was late night when he was returning home from the city. On his way, he saw some rodents were destroying an anthill. 

He was generous thus he saved the ants from those rodents by spraying water on the rodents. He reached home and slept. When he woke up in the morning he saw that newly weaved clothes in his house. He has never seen such beautifully weaved cloths before and the yarn was softer than silk. 

He knew that he had neither brought them nor weaved them. But they were found in his house so he sold them in the market. That day he earned more money than usual. Those special clothes were demanded by everyone. 

The next morning when he woke up he again found a new bundle of special clothes in his house.

He was wondering who is making such beautiful clothes and put them in my house. He sold the clothes. He became famous because of his beautiful clothes and its fine quality. That night he decided he’ll find out the source of those beautiful clothes. 

He acted as if he was sleeping but he was watching everything. He saw that the ants he saved appeared from a crack in his house and they started making clothes. 

He asked them “Why are you making these clothes”. The queen ant replied, “we are making it for you Haaru.

You saved our home thus we are making these clothes for you as our gratitude towards you”. Haaru said, “But you don’t need to dear little friends”. The queen ant replied him “Let us do this for you. We are thankful to you”. And by selling the fine cloth, Haaru became rich.

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