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Snow White Story for Kids

Story of “Snow White” and the seven dwarfs is the popular story of a beautiful girl and 7 dwarfs. Her mother was a Evil queen who was jealous of Snow white’s beauty. Please like and share the story with all the kids you know and bring smile on their faces.  Not only Snow white and the seven dwarfs, infact We have a collection of 50+ short stories for Kids which are also known as bed time stories.

Short Bed time stories of - "Snow White" and the Seven Dwarfs

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess with fair color and blue eyes. Because of her fair skin, the Princess was named Snow White. But unfortunately, Her mother died when “Snow White” was a baby. So her father married again. This queen was very pretty but she was also very cruel. 

The wicked step mother wanted to be recognized as the most beautiful lady in the kingdom and she had a “Magic Mirror” with her. She would ask her magic mirror often, “ Mirror! Mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all?” And the magic mirror would say, “You are the one, Your majesty!” 

One day to her surprise, the mirror answered, “Snow White is the fairest”. The wicked queen was now jealous of Snow White and got angry. Therefore, She ordered her huntsman to take Snow White to the forest and kill her. “After you will kill her, I want you to bring back her heart for my confirmation,” She ordered. 

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"Snow White"

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Now, The huntsman reached the forest with Snow White but when huntsman reached there with Snow White, he took pity on her and decided to set her free. After this, he decided to kill a deer and took its heart to the wicked queen and told her that he had killed Snow White. There in forest, Snow White wandered all night, crying.

Next day, When it was daylight, she saw a tiny cottage and went inside. Surprisingly, She saw nobody there, but she found seven plates on the table and seven tiny beds in the bedroom. She decided to cook a wonderful meal and cleaned the house and tired, finally slept on one of the tiny beds. At night, the seven dwarfs who lived in the cottage came home and found beautiful Snow White sleeping. After sometime, she woke up and told them her story. The seven dwarfs asked her to stay with them.


All 7 Dwarfs loved her alot and cared for her, therefore, every morning, when they left the house, they always instructed her not to open the door to strangers. Everyday, when the dwarfs were away, Snow White would make mouth watering meals for them. 

After few days, in the palace, the wicked queen asked  her mirror again to check, “ Mirror! Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them?. As usual, The Mirror replied “Snow White is the fairest of them all! She lives with the seven dwarfs in the woods!” .

Now, the wicked stepmother was furious. She was actually a witch who knew how to make magic potions and decided to make a poisonous potion, dipped a red apple into it. Finally she disguised herself as an old peasant woman and went to the woods with the apple. 

Next day, She knocked on the cottage door and said “Pretty beautiful little child! allow me to come in! Look what I have for you!”. Snow White said,” Oh, I am so sorry, dear old lady, I cannot allow you to come in!. The seven dwarfs have instructed me not to talk to strangers!”. But then, Snow White saw the shiny red apple, and opened the door. The wicked witch offered her the poisonous apple. Snow White decided to eat it. But, when she took a bite poor Snow White fell into a deep sleep. 

The wicked stepmother went back to her palace and again asked the mirror for her satisfaction,”Mirror! Mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all?”. Mirror replied,” You are, Your majesty!” and she was very happy.

After some time, seven dwarfs came home and they found Snow White lying on the floor, they were very sad and upset. All 7 dwarfs cried whole night and then they built a glass coffin for Snow White. They kept the coffin in front of the cottage. 

One day, Prince Charming was going past the cottage and he saw beautiful Snow White lying in the coffin. Curiously, He said to the dwarfs,” My! My! She is so beautiful! Can I Kiss Her?” And he did. Oh, Magic, Immediately, Snow White opened her eyes. She was alive again! The Prince and the seven dwarfs were very happy. Handsome Prince Charming married Snow White and took her to his palace and lived happily ever after.

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