Monkey and Cat Story for Kids in English (With Moral)

Best Moral Story of two cats and monkey with learning and fun. Cat and Monkey Story in English for Kids, its a short 2 minute story with great moral and lessons. 

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cat and monkey story

Story of Monkey and Cat

“Monkey and Cat ” story – 

Once upon a time, two cats found a piece of bread. Foolishly, they started fighting for it. The first cat said it was his, but the second cat refused and claimed it to be his. A clever monkey was walking their way, he saw the two cats fighting and decided to help them. 

Therefore, He took the bread and told them that he would split it in two half’s and share it equally among them. The cats agreed to his idea. But when he did this, one piece was bigger than the other. So, he took a bite to make it equal. This time, the other piece was bigger. 

This went on for quite a while. He kept taking a bite off from each bread to make sure it was the same size. However, in the end, he ended up eating the whole bread. The cats got angry and asked him why he did that, the clever monkey replied by saying that if they had dealt with the problem on their own and shown concern for each other rather than being greedy, this wouldn’t have happened, but since they were stupid and could not do that, they both lost what they could have. 

The happy monkey went home after enjoying a great meal while the two cats just stood there with a feeling of rats running in their stomach.

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Moral of Story – When you fight, its always the third one who gets benefitted out of it.

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cat and monkey story

Monkey and Cat Story for Kids in English (With Moral)

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