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Hey Kids – Here is the collection of best Tenali Raman Stories. This popular collection of Tenali Rama Stories will delight you. All Tenali Rama stories are popular bed time stories for every kid and everyone likes them be it you or your Mom.

Tenali Raman Stories for Kids

So, Let’s start with Tenali Raman’s short stories one by one.

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Tenali Raman & Lucky Pot

Once, Tenali Rama was walking towards his house, he saw a man who was selling some mysterious pots. The man was yelling “Come and get your pots! Only Rs. 50 each! Best pots in the village!”

Tenali Rama, We know was always on the lookout for a the best deal, decided to purchase a pot. While he was making the payment, the pot seller shared a secret, “Sir, these pots are very special. They have the power to convert your dreams in reality.”

Tenali Rama was surprised! but still, he decided to give it a try. He bought the one pot and went home happily. As he was about to go to bed, he placed that “magical pot” under his pillow and closed his eyes, with the hope to wake up with all his dreams fulfilled.

What happened the next morning? Tenali Rama woke up and found no change, no dream turned reality. He was poor still and had no luck in finding a job.

Disappointed, he decided to meet to the pot seller and ask for a refund. When Tenali Rama confronted the pot seller, the man chuckled and said, “You were a fool, Can a pot could make all your dreams come true? You should have listened to me when I said these pots are the best in the village. They’re so good, they even made you believe in magic!”

Tenali Rama, soon realized, he was tricked, but now couldn’t help, he laughed at himself. Also learned a lesson and promised himself to never fall for such ridiculous claims again.

Tenali Raman Cat Story

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Once the King Krishna Dev Raya ordered that every house should have a cat in Vijay Nagar because Vijay Nagar saw increasing number of rats. King said every house which has a cat would get a cow to feed all cats its milk.

Tenali Raman thought that this whole idea is stupid so he makes a plan to teach the king a lesson.

So Tenali Raman started giving boiled milk to his cat. The moment the cat tries to drink milk it burns the cat mouth and the cat ran away. So it becomes a habit of a cat whenever cat sees milk it ran away.

When the king goes for examining in Vijay Nagar he was very happy to found that every cat is very healthy. But when King comes to Tenali Raman house he was shocked to see a thin and rigged cat.

King questioned Tenali if he is drinking all the milk himself. Tenali said – “I don’t know king why my cats refusing milk?”

In front of king, Tenali Raman took the full bowl of milk and put it in front of the cat and the cat just ran away. Now the King could understand that what would happen to this cat. He ordered his guard to give Tenali Raman 100 lashes.

Without any hesitation, Tenali Raman said yes king you can punish me but think of all the poor people who do not have milk to feed themselves and you are allowing milk to the cats.

After listening to what Tenali Raman has said king realises his mistake and tells all the people to feed his family with cow’s milk. And for the cats, they will eat rats.

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Story of Tenali Raman and the mother tongue of a wise man

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Tenali Raman was indeed a wise person in king Krushnadevraya’s court but one day a wise man came to Vijaynagar. He met one Panditji and requested him to take him to king Krushnadevraya so he can replace Tenali Raman. The Panditji took him to the palace and stood near Krushnadevraya.

The wise man told the king that his court has many wise men but he is the best as he can speak 15 languages fluently. He also offered a bet that if anyone in the court will identify his mother tongue from these 15 languages then he will present him with a surprise Gift but if all of them will be failed, the king will have to recognize him as the wisest man of his court. The king was sure that at least one person can identify his mother tongue.

The king accepted the offer and the wise man started speaking in all 15 languages. No one from the court identified his mother tongue. At last, the king asked Tenali if he could. Tenali Raman accepted the King’s request. Tenali Rama went to the man and bite him in his hands. Suddenly with lots of pain, the man started shouting and spoke something in Gujarati remembering his mother. Tenali Rama told the king that his mother tongue is Gujarati because in pain all of us speak our mother tongue. The wise man agreed about Gujarati and everyone accepted that Tenali Raman is a very wise man of Vijayanagar.

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Story of Tenali Raman and brinjal’s curry

One day king Krushanadevraya invited his courtiers to have lunch together in the palace. The dish of the day was his special farm’s brinjal curry. The lunch was over and Tenali Raman went happily home. His wife eagerly asked about the special food Tenali Raman enjoyed there. ”The brinjal curry was the best in the world!” he said to his wife. His wife bet to make it better than the palace. She told him to bring brinjal. ”It’s too late now, the market is closed”, he said to his wife. Then bring it from the farm of the palace, she ordered. Poor Tenali Rama, couldn’t refuse now 🙁 and said – ”Ok, I will”, he told and got brinjal from palace’s farm.

However someone saw him and hence, and Tenali was worried. He told her wife not to say it in court or to anyone. Next day, Tenali’s son woke up and saw water on his bed and asked if it is rained yesterday. His parent said yes, it was. 

Someone complained about his incident to the King. The next day the king ordered to get the couple into his court and questioned them about this stealing of brinjal from his farm. They both told tried to convince him that they have not done it. 

But one man from King’s court told to call their son as children never say lie. King agreed and the son was brought to the court. He said we stole brinjal of your farm on rainy night. Surprisingly, All thought there were no rain yesterday. 

Now Tenali convinced everyone and said it was his dream. The king happily released them and this is how Tenali Rama saved his family.

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Story of Tenali Rama and the golden mangoes

King Krushnadevraya was very sad one day. One of the pandits asked him for the reason and he said that his mother died at the same day years ago and added that he couldn’t full fill her last wish. 

“What was her last wish?” the pandit asked Krishnadevaraya. She wanted to eat mangoes but because it was not summer I couldn’t arrange mangoes for her.”, he answered. I would have gifted her gold or anything else but unfortunately, I could not got mangoes. The greedy Pandit thought about it and his evil mind got a trick to fool the king. He said to Krushnadevraya, ”Rajan, As your mother’s last wish, was not fulfilled, her soul is not still free. If you will give golden mangoes to the town’s pandit then only it will.”

The king agreed on it and the next day he called all the pandits to his palace and gave them golden mangoes. The pundits blessed him and her mother and told her that now her mother is free. From a window of palace- Tenali Raman watched all this episode and thought of an idea.

Tenali said Krushnadevraya ordered them to go to Tanali’s house also as Tenali Raman’s mother’s last wish was also not fulfilled. The pandits agreed and thought that Tenali also will give them precious things. They asked Tenali what was her mother’s last wish. Tenali Raman said that she wanted to eat fish. 🙂

The pandits were shocked and told Tenali that they cannot have fish. King then asked how they can have mangoes as a last wish but not fish? 

Tenali Raman asked them to return the golden mangoes back and once again Tenali’s clever ming saved king’s property.

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Tenali Raman and the women with magical saree

Once upon a time a lady came to Vijaynagar with a mysterious saree in her hand. She went to king Krushnadevraya’s palace and in the court she said, ”Rajan, I have come up with a wonderful saree which can be invisible. With this material you can hide your army from enemies. If you order us to make more for exchange of gold we can make it for you in a year.”

Krushanadevraya got excited and agreed. The lady left the palace with lots of gold in her hand.

After one year the king was waiting for his order of invisible material but the lady didn’t turn up. King ordered his men to go and check. The workers went to the lady’s working place and told her to reach the palace as quickly as possible.

The lady came up with an empty box and said to king that it is the invisible material. King Krushnadevraya wondered and told her why this material is not visible in hand also and how can he check if there is really a saree or not? The lady smartly answered that only a man with a true heart can see it.

Tenali Raman was there and he was listening all this talk and suddenly he said, ”Rajan,I can see this invisible material. It is true, but for assurance of our army the lady should wear the saree and show us how to get invisible.”

The lady got tensed. She immediately told the truth to king and promised to return all the gold. King once again appreciated Tenali Raman’s cleverness.

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Story of Tenali Raman and the thieves

One night Tenali Raman was returning from King’s palace. When he was near to his farm – he was thinking that its been 3-4 days the farm is not watered at all and all plants were about to die. 

Suddenly he saw two shadows of men. He thought that they must be thieves. He went to his home. Her wife was waiting for him on the dinner table.

Tenali said to her wife, ”The terror of thieves is increased in our town and Rajan has decided to hide all precious things at safe place.” and he whispered in her wife’s ear about the thieves in the farm. 

His wife said ”Ok, but where should we hide the things.”

Tenali Raman said in a loud voice – ”We should hide them in the well of our farm.” The thieves were hearing all that conversation. Tenali Rama and his wife took gold and other things and threw them in that well.

The thieves came out and said – ”They are fools. Let’s empty the well and steal everything.”

The thieves started to empty the well and the water was going to farm via the path. Tenali and his wife took dinner and they knew that the thieves will water all the farm now. 

After sometime, they came out of the house and thanked. The thieves understood Tenali’s plan (There was no gold actually) and ran out for their lives forever. 

Next day Tenali Raman told the story to King Krushanadevraya and the king gave him a prize to get the thieves out of the town.

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