Adam and Eve Story for Kids (Garden of Eden) Bible Stories for 2023

Bible Story – Adam and Eve story in English. Excellent collection of one of the popular stories of Adam and Eve’s – Garden of Eden.  This is a story about the first man and woman on earth. 

You will love reading this story. This Adam and Eve story is also called as Garden of Eden Story.

Story of Adam and Eve - Garden of Eden

Adam and Eve's story- Garden of Eden, bible story with moral

“Story of Adam and Eve’s” story – 

Thousands of years ago, God created the Earth and all the living species on it. This was the time period when God created the first Man. God created the man out of clay and gave life to him. He named the first man, Adam. 

After some time, God realized that Adam felt very lonely, after all, he was the only one of his kind. God then decided to make a soulmate, a wife for Adam. 

He used one of Adam’s ribs to make the first Woman. He named her Eve. Adam and Eve had a beautiful home. “The Garden of Eden”, is a paradise made by God, filled with all types of animals to talk and play with and different types of trees with delicious fruits. 

Among all the trees, two of them were very special. The Tree of Life, and The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. There was only one rule in the Garden of Eden, no fruit shall be eaten from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. 

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Garden of Eden - Adam and Eve's story for Kids, Adam and Eves story in english, bible story

God had no other conditions whatsoever. Adam and Eve were allowed to eat from any other tree, even from the tree of life, but not from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. One day, a serpent from a nearby tree whispered to her, “Why don’t you and Adam eat anything from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil?”. Eve told him that God has forbidden them to eat or even touch any fruit from that tree, if they did so, they would die. The serpent hissed, “God is lying to you, the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil has delicious fruits which when eaten, one shall become like a god and gain all of his wisdom. 

One will also realize the difference between Good and Evil. God doesn’t want you to become like him”. Eve believed the serpent’s word and took a bite of fruit from the forbidden tree. She found it very delicious and took one for Adam as well. “But God has forbidden us to eat any fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, said Adam when Eve offered him the fruit. Then, Eve told Adam all about the serpent’s tale and how they will get all of God’s wisdom and know Good from Evil. 

Best Adam and Eve's story for Kids

Upon seeing that Eve is still alive after eating the delicious fruit and listening to her story, Adam decided to take a bite of the fruit. He found it very delicious and ate it all. After both of them had eaten the fruit, they lifted their heads, saw each other, and realized that they were naked. Both of them felt ashamed and turned away. They sewed leaves from the garden to cover their bodies. One day, God came to visit Adam and Eve in paradise. 

As soon as they realized that God was here to meet them, they started feeling guilty for disobeying him and tried to hide. Alas, God, the creator of our world already knew that they had eaten fruit from the forbidden tree and were very angry and disappointed. Adam blamed Eve for making him eat the fruit, Eve blamed the serpent for misleading her. None of their blaming helped. Ultimately, they had disobeyed God. He punished the serpent by taking away his legs, thus forcing all the serpents to crawl on the ground. He banished Adam and Eve from The Garden of Eden. Their life outside the paradise was very difficult and harsh. 

They had to do loads of work just to survive alone. Adam and Eve were aware that they were disobeying God, their creator. They still ate the fruit whatever may the reason be. Bad decisions have dire consequences. This story teaches us to resist making bad decisions. All that glitters is not Gold. It may seem fun but bad things never give us anything good in return.

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Adam and Eve bible story video can be seen on Youtube. Adam and eve kids video here.

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Bible story, garden of eden, story of Adam and Eves in english with images and videos. Adam and Eve bible story video can be seen on Youtube. Adam and eve kids video here.

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