“Panchatantra” Stories for kids – 5 in 1 with Morale in English- Popular Collection

“Panchatantra” or “Panchatantra Stories” are great stories with morals and learnings. We have collected 5 great stories of Panchatantra here which are interesting and your kids will surely love.

AS per Wikipedia, it is a collection of interrelated animal fables and an ancient Indian collection which is based on oral traditions. It is also believed that it was written in Sanskrit originally.

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panchatantra stories for kids

Let’s start with a complete collection of 5 Best Panchatantra Stories for Kids – 

  • Unity is Strength – Story of Pigeons (Short Panchatantra Story)
  • The Loyal Mangoose (Short Panchatantra Story)
  • The Monkey and the Crocodile (Short Panchatantra Story)
  • Mice and The Elephant (Short Panchatantra Story)
  • Tortoise and the Geese (Short Panchatantra Story)

1) Union is Strength - Pigeon's Panchatantra Story

Hey Kids – Unity is strength is the Panchatantra story of Pigeons. 

A long time ago, there lived a huge flock of pigeons in a forest. Amongst them, was a wise old pigeon. All the other pigeons respected this pigeon. Everyday after searching for food and water, the pigeons would come to rest in the nest in the forest.

One day, the pigeon saw many rice grains spread on the ground. They became happy and decided to fly down and eat the grains. But the old pigeon became suspicious and suggested that It could be a trap by the Birdcatcher. He asked the pigeons not to fly down but they did not listen to him.

The Pigeons flew down, sat on the net and started eating the rice grains. Then they found that they were unable to move and were trapped in the hunter’s net. They were stuck. On seeing the pigeons trapped, the hunter became happy. On seeing this, all the pigeons started pulling the net in their own direction.

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Panchtantra stories of pigeon unity is strength

However, they were not able to free themselves. They cried and asked for help from the Old Pigeon. He advised, “Fly up together and carry the net with you”. The pigeons did as told.

In no time, they started flying together, with the net still stuck in their feet. The Birdcatcher was shocked to see this Unity of pigeons.

The Pigeons flew to the house of a friend who was a mouse. He immediately started to bite the net with his sharp teeth. He cut the entire net and freed the pigeons.

The wise pigeon chuckled,” Unity is strength. It was the act of unity that saved you all”

Moral of the Panchatantra Story: Unity is Strenth

2) The Loyal Mangoose - Panchatantra-Stories-For-Kids

LOyal mangoose panchtantra, best panchtantra story in english

Hope you Liked our first Panchatantra story, we still have 4 more Panchatantra stories for you. Please share this page with everyone and add it to your homepage. So let’s start.

In a small village, there lived a farmer with his small family. His wife and a baby son.One day while the farmer was working in the field, he found a young animal, It was a baby mongoose. He wrapped it in a cloth and decided to take it to his home.

The Mongoose was a loyal pet. But the wife never loved him nor trusted him. She always said to the Framer, “Someday this mongoose will harm our baby son”.The farmer ignored what she said.

The mongoose would always baby sit the young boy, play with him, and cradle all day long. One day the wife had to go to the market and ask the farmer to take care of the son.

She said,” Do not leave my son with the mongoose, as I don’t trust him”. After some time, the farmer had to go with his friends for a walk. He asked the mongoose to take care of the baby.

After some time, the wife came back home and saw blood on the mongoose’s mouth. She thought the mongoose might have hurt the baby. She started to beat the mongoose on the head and ran into the room.

But she saw the baby was sleeping peacefully. But there was a dead snake on the floor. She realized that the mongoose killed the snake. She ran to see, but the mongoose was dead. She realized her mistake.

When the farmer came back home, he was very upset. If you had only thought to look before acting, our beloved pet would still be us.

Moral of the Panchatantra Story – The Loyal Mangoose: Always Think Before Acting.

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3) The Monkey and the Crocodile - Story of Panchatantra

Wow, So you learned always to think before acting in our Last “Panchatantra” story. Similarly all “Stories of Panchatantra” are great to hear and follow as a principle in life. This is the beauty of these stories, they are really interesting and give us great learnings of life. Let’s explore a few more Panchatantra stories below.

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Once upon a time there lived a clever monkey nearby the river Ganga. A huge crocodile and his wife lived in the same river. One day, the crocodile’s wife fell very ill. She asked the crocodile that she wanted to eat something special. She wanted a monkey’s heart.

The crocodile was amused. Then he saw his neighbor, the monkey and came up with a plan. He said to the Monkey, “Why do you waste your time eating the same fruits on the trees? There are juicy fruits and food on the other side of the river.” The monkey said,” that the river was too big for him to cross, so the crocodile offered to take him on his back.

After some time, while still being in the river, the crocodile sank in the water along with the monkey. He told to the monkey that his wife was sick and wanted his heart. The monkey realised and understood the trap and that he had been foolish to trust the crocodile.

He quickly came up with a clever plan to escape. He said, My heart is not inside me. I keep them hanging on trees. Let’s go back and bring my heart. The crocodile believed and brought the monkey back to the tree.

The monkey quickly climbed up the tree and escaped. And said to the crocodile, “You are a big body with no brains!” The crocodile repented for his foolishness in being tricked by the monkey.

Moral of this Panchatantra story is: Choose your Friends wisely.

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4) THE MICE AND THE ELEPHANT- Panchatantra Stories


A long time ago, there was a small village near to the forest. There were many animals in the forest. Amongst them were mice. There lived a group of mice under a tree peacefully. One fine day, a group of elephants came that way and destroyed the homes of all the rats. Many rats were crushed to death and their house was also destroyed. Then the leader of rats decided to approach the elephant king chief and requested him to guide his herd to use another route.

The elephant king chief agreed to this and took another way to the water. And so the lives and houses of the other rats were saved. One day a group of elephant hunters came and trapped the herd of elephants in huge nets. Then the elephant king chief suddenly remembered the leader of the rats. He asked one of the elephants of his herd which was been trapped, to go and talk to the leader of rats.

On listening to this elephant, the rat leader took his entire group of mice and they cut open the nets using their sharp teeth. So all the elephant herd was totally set free.

Moral of the Panchatantra Story : Never under estimate anyone by their appearance

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5) TORTOISE AND THE GEESE- Panchatantra Stories for Kids

tortoise and the geese story

Once upon a time, there lived three close friends, a tortoise and two geese who shared a lake in a beautiful valley. For many years they lived harmoniously. But One fine day, the valley was struck by a bad drought and the water bodies and ponds started to dry.

Many animals started to die due to dehydration and others looking for a new place to live.

“Soon the lake will dry and We must seek a new home quickly”, said one of the geese.

The two geese flew around everywhere to find a new house. Finally they found another beautiful lake, far away in the forest.

They came back to the tortoise friend and told him about this beautiful lake. The tortoise got really excited but saddened at the same time, that he may never be able to travel the distance to survive the drought since he cannot fly.

He became upset.,the geese understood the tortoise’s problem and said “Don’t worry my friend, we have an idea to take you to the new place. But, for that, you will have to promise us that you would not open your mouth,  during the entire journey. If you do so, you will be in danger of losing your life.”

The Tortoise promised that “I will be silent during the entire journey”

The Two Geese brought a stout stick and asked the Tortoise to grasp it tightly by his mouth, they took hold of the two ends and flew off with him. Their course laid over a village. , villagers saw this amazing sight of a Tortoise being carried by two Geese, they began to laugh out loudly, The children ran started shouting “Look at the sight of tortoise clinging to a stick. It is so funny”

The Tortoise became angry and could not stand the jeering any longer. He opened his mouth to describe the situation to them, but before he could say anything he fell to the ground and was dashed to pieces. The two geese could do nothing to help their friend. They grieved their friend’s tragedy for a while and flew to their new home

Moral of the Story: Silence is the fence around wisdom” 

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