The Lion and the Mouse Story (Bed Time Stories for Kids)

Story of the Lion and the Mouse with moral for kids (English). Welcome Kids to the world of The Lion and The Mouse. Great Popular story you all will Love. So here are your Lion and the Mouse 🙂

story of lion and the mouse

Lion and the Mouse Story begins:

Once upon a time, there was a big forest and there lived many animals like monkeys, elephants, Zebra, Mouse and the King of the Jungle. 

One hot sunny afternoon the Big mighty Lion thought of taking some rest. So he decided to sleep under the tree. After some time there came a little mushy mouse who started playing with this Lion. 

The little mouse ran up the lion’s neck and slid down his back. The mouse didn’t know that the lion was the King and very Big :). 

The Lion woke up with the noise and got disturbed. He was angry and said, “Who woke me up ?”. Saw the little mouse and said I will catch you. He caught the mouse with a great big smack. 

Angry Lion roared and said ‘I’m going to eat you!’. The Mouse cried and requested ‘No, no, please don’t!’, ‘Be kind to me and one day I’ll help you.’ The lion roared and laughed very hard and said ’ ‘I’m a lion! You’re a mouse! What can you do?’ The little mouse ran away happily and thanked the Lion and Promised that he will be of some help to him.

mouse and the lion story tale
The Lion and the mouse

The Lion and the Mouse
Story continues:

The Next morning, the mouse was walking in the forest. He saw there were few hunters roaming in the forest. 

Ignoring them Little Mouse started walking again. After walking a few miles, He reached the Lions House and saw that the lion was not in his Den. After some time, Little Mouse heard a big roar. 

He started searching here and there and found that the King of the Jungle is tied to the tree. Lion has been captured with a Net by the Hunters. The lion is roaring and crying for help. So, The mouse decided to help the lion. Little Mouse thought a lot and came up with an idea. So, He started working on a plan to set the lion free. He planned to chew and open the rope. So was trying to convince the Lion not to cry. 

The mouse started chewing the rope as fast as he can. Before the hunters came back he decided to free the lion. Finally, he started chewing most of the rope and the lion was able to come out of the trap. They both ran off from that place. 

The Lion and the Mouse
Continues -

Lion couldn’t stop himself thanking the mouse. The Lion said –“Oh Little mouse, I had no hope to be alive” But you came and helped me free. Oh, Little Mouse, You were right, Now I am free. You kept your words. Now, You are the best friend there could ever be!.” He picked the Mouse and put him on his head and they both laughed happily and became best friends forever.

The Lion and the Mouse

  1. Mercy always brings its reward.
  2. We should not think of anyone smaller than us. There is no being so small that it cannot help a greater one.
  3. Everyone has their own strength.
  4. You must always help others who is in need. 
  5. We must always keep our words and should always do as we say.
  6. A small act of kindness is always rewarded greatly.
  7. We must never lose hope.
  8. All of us should help our friends in difficult times.
  9. When we do good to others, it always comes back to us

Origin of Story - The Lion and the Mouse

It was published in the Year 2009. This was Pinkney’s first wordless picture book. However, it was not the first time he had told the story, he had previously included it in his Aesops Fables and published in 2000. Pinkney had received five Caldecott Honor Medals and he also became the first African American to win the Medal for his illustrations in the book.

Hope you Liked It -

So Kids, Hope you liked the Story of The Lion and The Mouse. Hope you will follow the Morale mentioned by us at the end of the story “The Lion and the Mouse” and will always help others. Remember, Mercy always brings its rewards.

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story of lion and the mouse
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