THE FOX AND THE GRAPES STORY | English and Hindi| with Moral |2023

The Fox and the Grapes Story for 2023. One of the best stories we are listening since ages which give us a wonderful humorous moral as well. The Fox and the grapes story for kids in English and Hindi. This is a short story of Fox and the Grapes on how Fox attempted to catch hold of some yummy-looking grapes, and what finally a Fox could make out 🙂

स्टोरी ऑफ़ फॉक्स एंड ग्रपेस हिंदी में भी वीडियो के साथ नीचे दी गयी है.

the fox and the grapes story

The FOX AND THE GRAPES Story in English

One Hot Afternoon, Fox was walking through the “SunderVan” Forest somewhere in Asia. 

Suddenly he spotted a large bunch of Grapes. A juicy bunch of grapes was hanging from the branch of a tree.

“Wow, So juicy, seems like ready to be eaten” the Thirsty fox said. Fox was thirsty and hungry too, so he wanted to eat them.

Grapes were at some height but proudly Fox was confident on his jump. He took a few steps back, ran, and jumped. 

Guess What! he could not even touch them.

“Let’s Try Again” saying this, He decided to give it one more try. No Luck this time as well. 

He failed again. Juicy grapes were still far beyond his reach. 

“Third and Last, This time Grapes will be Mine” said the confident Fox, trying hard again but still Grapes were completely out of her reach.

Disheartened Fox seeing the grapes said – “Such a fool I am, This is not the right season, Grapes must be Sour for sure” 

He moved away on his way consoling himself.

Fox and the grapes story with moral


Moral of The Fox and the grapes story-

  • Grapes are Sour Means – You often hate what you can’t have.
  • Also, If you describe someone’s attitude as sour grapes, This confirms that they say something is worthless or undesirable because they want it themselves but cannot have it.
  • If something is beyond your reach, you often pretend to dislike it.

The Fox and the grapes story ends. Sour grapes and fox story.


The fox and the grapes story in english and hindi with moral and video, images
tale of fox and grapes story
The fox and the grapes story


सुंदरवन नामक जंगल में एक लोमड़ी रहती थी. एक दिन वह जंगल में घूम रही थी. तभी उसने अचानक एक पेड़ की ढाल पर रसीले अंगूर लटके देखे। (चालक लोमड़ी की कहानी)

प्यासी लोमड़ी ने सोचा के क्यों न उन अंगूरों को खाया जाए. घमंडी लोमड़ी को लगा के वह  अंगूरों को आराम से छलांग मार कर झपट लेगी।

उसने छलांग लगायी, खूब तेज़ कूदि पर अंगूरों को नहीं पा सकी.

उसने फिर से प्रयास करने का मन बनाया।

“इस बार तो मैं इन्हे ले कर ही दम लूंगी।”  यह कह कर वह कुछ पीछे से भागती हुई आयी और बहुत तेजी से छलांग लगायी।

यह क्या – इस बार भी वह उन्हें छू तक ना सकी.

उसने तीसरा एवं अंतिम प्रयास करने का मन बनाया। मगर इस बार भी वह असफल ही रही.

“लगता है अंगूर खट्टे हैं ” यह कहती हुई वह चुप चाप आगे बढ़ चली.

शिक्षा – इस कहानी से हमें शिक्षा मिलती हैं के “खट्टे अंगूरों” की तरह, जो चीज़ें हमारी पहुंच से बहार होती हैं, वह अचानक हमें ख़राब लगने लगती हैं. हम अपनी असफलता को ढक ने के लिए बहाने बहाने लगते हैं। 

The Fox and The Grapes Story ends 

The Grapes and the Fox Story – HINDI VIDEO

Video of the fox and the grapes story in english

Also see video of fox and the grapes story in hindi


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