An Itching Palm Meaning | Left Vs Right Hand Itching Myth Meaning In Male & Female: 2022

Are looking for the best answers to your queries like Left-hand itching meaning or right-hand itching meaning? Worried about Itchy palm meaning? 

Or Right Hand, Left-hand itching lottery-related superstitions?

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Well don’t worry, here we will discuss everything, a myth, a scientific approach, how to cure your itchy palm, etc. We will discuss in detail the positives and negatives of right-hand itching v/s left-hand itching. Both in Women’s right hand and in Men’s right hand.

Yes, Both may have different meanings. checkout. 🙂

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If you have your right-hand itching, it means Money coming in and Left-hand itching means you will have an outflow or loss of money today

Bottom line:

In case you are in a hurry, here is what left or right-hand itching symbolizes in both males and females.

Read in detail below under the respective headings to understand the logic.

Left hand itchingUnluckyLucky
Right hand itching LuckyUnlucky

Dictionary Meaning of Idiom – An Itching Palm?
Is it only a Idiom, A Myth or a Reality !

Itching Palms Myth Busted (2022): Left Hand or Right hand Palm, Which hand is money coming your way? Well, you are here searching the internet today because you just felt an itchy palm, maybe a Right-hand Palm itching or a Left-hand itching

Right? So you want to know about An Itching Palm Meaning. 

As per the Dictionary, This is a very popular Idiom representing someone who needs or wants a tip or bribe. 

But as per Myth, it is more than that. It is believed that an itching Palm is a symptom of either money coming in or going out, depending upon your Palm where it is happening.

If you have your right-hand itching, it means money coming in, and the Left hand’s Palm itching means you will have an outflow or loss of money today.

But, superstition is different for both Man and Women. Continue reading for more below.


What do you Mean by An Itching Palm? Money Coming? Right Hand V/s Left Hand Itching

Here, in particular, An myth of Itching Palm means when you relate “Itching in your Hand to Inflow or Outflow of Money of any other positive or negative outcome”.

If you have to trust people believing this myth, It is a great sign to have your Right-Hand Itching rather than your left hand.

If you have your right-hand itching, it means Money coming in and Left-hand itching means you will have an outflow or loss of money today.

Even in our Indian Mythology, the Right hand is a hand of receipts or Goddess Laxmi coming your way through your Right hand.

Itching on Left Hand, on the contrary, is a hand of outflow or Goddess Laxmi leaving your way.

One more superstition to add, In India, we never receive money through our left hand, we always receive money through our right hand. While giving money to someone, it is believed that if we will give it through the right hand, it will come to us again in some of the other forms.

As per –Isaiah 41:13

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”

Not Linking to this itching hand superstition, but just to tell you the importance of your right hand since ages and in every mythology, whether Hindu/Indian or western.

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What is the Significance of Right Hand Itching
My Right Palm is Itchy, What does that mean?

What does it mean when your right hand itches?

As per the belief, if you have Right-hand Itching, It’s your day today, find out why-

  1. Itching in the Right hand or palm foretells the possibility of unexpected money coming in.
  2. Your Stucked money could also come your way today.
  3. Anything related to gambling, lottery, share market investment could benefit you today (Use your own discretion please)
  4. You could get the best price of the property you are willing to sell.
  5. There is a chance of getting better and fruitful deals which you would not have expected.
  6. If you lost your money somewhere at home or office, try finding it today, you may get it.
an itching palm meaning, left hand and right hand itching, left palm and right palm iching

What Is The Significance of Left Hand Itching? My Left Palm is Itchy, What does that mean?

So, what does it mean when your left-hand itches?

Hey, we have discussed enough that itching in Left Palm is an unlucky sign and is related to the outflow of money, losses, etc as per myths and superstition. 

But I would also urge you to think rationally and logically when your Left hand is itching: 
It is always worthy to be cautious in money-related matters so it’s nothing new today.

How about the expenditure on your skill development program, is it a negative outflow? or any other similar outflow which is fruitful to you in long run.

Any harm in avoiding gambling, lottery, or share market? 🙂

Have you noticed, it may be a regular bill payment day today, which comes every month. Hence nothing to worry about.

Expenditure on a long due car or any other asset’s maintenance. 

You hopefully don’t mind paying your credit card or mortgage loan emis.

Just check if you are extra casual about security-related issues? Get a security audit of your house against fire, theft incidents, and protect yourself. When everything is right at its place. Focus on your routine jobs and close this page, Please share it once on Facebook, Thanks in advance! 

Woman’s Right Hand Itching V/s Man’s Right-Hand Itching?

Now, the belief has more angles to it. You should also notice who’s hand is actually itching today – A Man’s Hand or a Women’s Hand.

If it’s Man’s right-hand itching today, it is a positive sign. But if it’s a Women’s right hand, it’s a negative sign. Itching on Women’s right palm is a sign similar to Man’s Left Palm.

On the contrary, if Women’s Left Palm is itching today, it is a positive sign like Man’s Right palm. A good sign of luck on money-related matters.

This means a left hand itching on the female hand means a positive sign that will bring fortune and money. It is good as per astrology too.

For men, right hand itching means money coming in? The answer is yes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – Left and Right Hand Itching Palms

We have answered all your questions related to itching palm and hand here.

What to Avoid when your Left Hand or Palm is Itching?

Your Left-Hand Itching means should take some extra precautions today like – 
Avoid investing in Gambling activities, your luck may not favor you today.
Stay away from the share market.
Avoid outflow transactions of funds cautiously and be careful to take note of all details if otherwise, it is important to.
Safeguard yourself against the possibility of theft, pick-pocketing, burglary, etc.
Avoid unnecessary expenses this day.

Scientific Reason to Itching Palm | A factual approach of an Itching Palm Meaning

As per science, There is no logic behind the relationship between money inflow or outflow with itching in the palms. There is no positive or negative symptom. It is our superstition and belief which makes it so. Logically it may happen because of just a normal reason like energy circulating inside our body. May be due to some allergy, dryness, etc in your palm, etc.

But as we know that our left hand is generally a passive body part, We consider it negative. 
You need to think logically here and evaluate critically why the money is going out, is it in investment or unnecessary expense.

Maybe you are spending on some courses etc for skill enhancement? It will get you more money in the future.

Think rationally and get yourself comfortable if the money is going out for a beneficial cause.

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Why We are So Superstitious?

Human beings are more surprising than animals honestly. Even the most superstitious species in the world is Human Mankind. 

On one hand, we are searching for lives and water on Moon, Mars, and other planets, on the one-second hand we are worried about our “winking eyes”, “itching palms”, “Cats crossing our way” etc.

Ever wonder why this happens and with whom it happens the most? When we are worried about a particular outcome, this tends to happen. We surprisingly become superstitious when something we are expecting desperately to happen and can’t really afford a negative outcome.

For example- you are expecting your manager to increase your salary today? suddenly you feel itching in your right hand or left hand, Now your dirty brain will start making speculations.

It is going to be a Promotion today? Or Not?

Honestly, if you are not worried too much about the outcomes and believe in God, that whatever will happen, let it happen, and will be acceptable to you, you Will not find yourself worried about these itchings, winking and all.
But for Fun Purpose, I must say, It is OK. 

How to cure Itching in Palm | Home based Remedies

You don’t need to worry too much if this itching is not frequent. 
If it is due to some allergy, go and wash your hands. It will go away. 🙂
In case you find your Hands /palms dry, this is also a reason behind itching, please use some good lotion? Avoid soaps etc for some time.
Alternatively for instant relief, don’t scratch it too much, try rubbing it once or twice on wood. Touch Wood, it may help you 🙂 .

Conclusion: Left Or Right Itchy Palms Myth In 2022

While it is always fun to read about such topics and to me, it is always a topic which I never miss. Honestly, I like reading and talking about such things.

But – 

Factually these things are not correct and once should be focusing only on Karma as it is said in Gita. You only can do Karma (action), the result is in God’s hand, which means not in your control, do your job better and leave it to God.

Miracles do happen, If itching on the right palm or hand gave you money today or luck, it will not happen always, next time it will be your effort only. Trust your efforts more and luck the least.

If itching on your left hand gave you losses today, check if it is a loss or a regular expenditure? No harm taking precautions, if there is a loophole anywhere, fix it, any bad habit? leave it. If everything is fine, Remember – The Karma.

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