Black Cat Superstitions – Are These Superstitions Around Black Cats True?

Are black cats good luck or bad luck? I have explained the black cat superstition in this post. Let’s start with some background.

Recently my roommate and I decided to get a pet for us. Having a pet helps you kill boredom and they are fun to have around. Everywhere on social media, we see people posting pictures of their cute pets. This inspired us.

In this situation, I suggested getting a cat and after some convincing, my roommate finally agreed. We went to a shelter home to adopt a cute little black kitten. I instantly fell in love with it but my roommate refused.

superstitions around black cats

She told me about the bad luck Black Cats bring with them. Then, I remembered the stories my grandmother used to tell me about black cats. She told me that these cats were an omen of misfortune and that we should avoid them.

I used to ask my grandmother about the proof or evidence around it. She told me about the stories her mother and grandmother used to tell. According to her ancestors, this superstition started from the Western Culture and it has its roots in Salem.

You might have heard about the Salem witch trials and their execution.

Black Cat Superstition – TL;DR

A short summary of the article if you don’t feel like reading all the way.

Black cats are unlucky superstitions

  • Black cats are often related to witches since the medieval times.
  • It is considred an ill omen if a black cat crosses your path.
  • If someone spots a black cat at a funeral, another family member of the deceased will die

Black cats are lucky superstitions

  • The ancient Egpytians considered cats as dities, Egyptian godesses like Bastet and Sekhmet are depicted with heads of cats.
  • The Japanese believe that owning a black cat will give one good luck in finding a partner in life.
  • Sailors in olden times believed that their journey will be safe if they had a black cat on deck (the cat also helped immensely to keep the rats at bay).

For detailed info, read further into the post 🙂

black cat superstitions

The story revolves around the middle age in Europe and its mythology. It goes like this, someone once spotted a cat at night, they started throwing stones at it, injuring the cat, the cat was then seeing running into a house.

The house the cat went to was a woman’s house. She was suspected of being a witch. The next day they saw a woman coming out of the house all bruised and injured. This led to suspicion, that, the woman was the cat from the other night. 

europe and its mythology

There is another story that comes from the land of the Gods and philosophy. In ancient Greece, it is believed that Zeus’s wife Hera was angry at Galinthias because she was making the birth of Hercules difficult.

She cursed her and turned her into a Black Cat. After this Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft took pity on her. Galinthias started assisting Hecate with her work. This story connects the Black Cats to witches again.

Also, during medieval times the old witches and women who were accused of witchcraft often had black cats as pets. 

These cats were loved by the witches. If anyone tried hurting these cats, the witches cursed them.

black cat with witch

If any of those cursed people died or were harmed, the community at large would blame the witches.

People started fearing the black cats and their owners. 

Even today, that fear is very prevalent. Almost seems like it has grown. The other day my neighbor was walking back home. She stopped and changed her direction because a brown cat cut her way. 

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It’s not just about the black cat and the superstition revolving around it. It’s cats in general. People, in general, prefer petting a dog to a cat. They say cats are not loyal. This black cat superstition has grown tremendously into a dislike for cats among a few.

superstition of black cat, good or bad?

Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

After so many discussions and stories, I asked my grandmother, Do you consider black cats as unlucky? To this, she answered “these myths have always kept me wondering about the misfortune or accidents that could happen if they ever cross our paths”. She thinks it’s better to stay away from them. Though she did not witness any such thing. 

I think the rumor about black cats being evil spread fast. It spread in the countries of Europe and America. I have read that many people during that century were afraid of witches and the trials they have been hearing about. 

At that time the black cats had risen in numbers because they are more common than other colors and many women that were accused of witchcraft had them. That is where it all became taboo.

Even today, in many parts of the world, black cats are considered to be a bad omen, that you aren’t supposed to walk further if a black cat crosses your path. Although, these are just superstitions and there is no logical thinking behind them.

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Black Cats And Good Luck

In 2024, you should not surround yourself only with the bad luck stories attached to black cats. They are also thought to bring good luck as well.

black cats and good luck

It was a regular day at school. Me and my friends were about to attend our history class. The teacher started narrating a story about Egypt. The people, the rulers. We all had her attention when she mentioned something about the cats.

Egyptians treated the cats as devine entities. They worshipped cats. The cats brought fertility and good fortune and anyone who treated cats badly was punished during that time.

There are huge golden idols of cat figures. In and around the pyramids of Giza are several cat symbolisms. These symbols and works of art around the cats show the respect and love the Egyptian people had for cats.

In fact, the ancient egyptian goddesses Bastet and Sekmet are depicted with as humanoids with heads of cats.

Also, the sailors of old often kept cats on deck, not only were they believed as good luck charms for a safe journey, but they also hepled to keep the rats away from valuable items on te ship.

I think every organism that has life in it is worth worshipping. Nature in itself is worth worshipping. Don’t you agree?

Having said that, this can serve as a great argument for those who don’t want cats as pets, thinking they bring bad luck.

In my opinion cats are the mini version of big wild cats. They are smart, elegant, aloof, and agile

Their beautiful appearance and style have made them worthy of being worshipped in many parts apart from Egypt. In Japan, UK, France and even Asia they are considered lucky and a sign of fortune. Opposite to the previous theory

egyptians cats

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Countries Where Cats Are Considered Lucky

In the UK, owning a black cat is considered lucky. Getting it as a present at a wedding assures a good marriage life.

Contradicting to different myths and theories. Black cats are considered both lucky and unlucky. Different stories are changing and molding the views of people. 

  • Most people think that if a black cat entered the room of an ill person, it would bring death. On the contrary, in Britain, it is believed that if the fisherman’s wife has a black cat in her house, her husband will return safely. 
  • If a black cat crosses your path there is something terrible going to happen. The contradictory theory here is that if a girl in Japan spots a Black Cat, she is going to find her suitor soon. 
  • If there is a Black Cat at the funeral, chances are that another member of the family is going to die. But if a Black Cat is present in the audience at an event or an opening night show, then they are going to have a successful show. 

There are many different sayings and followings in the world and without any proven evidence it is hard to believe in any of them. The superstition has been going strong because in many movies and TV series they have demonstrated Black Cats as an evil personality that works along with the witches. 

Even during some accidents or deaths, they were considered as one of the causes. It is difficult for us as people to estimate that such a cute, graceful, and little creature is capable of bringing bad luck or good luck to people of certain sections of the world.

Many celebrities are bursting these myths by having cats as pets, the popular singer Tailor Swift is often sharing amazing photos of her cute cute. After all, they are just animals. Animals deserve to be loved and taken care of. 

countries where cats considered as lucky

Conclusion: Superstition Related to Black Cats

In the end, I would like to say that people change with changing times. They adapt to the new environment. Cats or no cats? This is a personal choice. Some things are judged because of the stories attached to them. 

There is no factual ground on any of these beliefs

Some people have outgrown these stories. They don’t mind adopting an innocent animal. Some are still tied to their conditioning. Whatever the reason be. If you do adopt a cat, take care of your pet. If you won’t chances are the cat might leave. 

Cats are like devoted owners. Who knows, if they are the goddess from Egypt?

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