Foot Itching Superstition: Right & Left & in Male & Female Good or Bad Luck?

I currently have an itch on my right foot. I wonder why that is. Need to know about Foot itching superstition in 2024? Is Foot itching good luck or bad luck for males and females? If you are looking for answers to those questions, you are at the right place!

Let’s dive into it and see why yours and my right or left foot are itching.

Right foot itching female and male superstition and similarly, Left foot itching male and female superstition are discussed on this page. Let’s get started.

If you don’t feel like going through the whole post, read this TL;DR

Beliefs concerning foot itching –

  • General Belief – Some older folk believe an itchy foot means it is time to travel.
  • Right Foot Itching – This indicates your journey should be planned and not spontaneous.
  • Left Foot Itching – It foretells that you may have to bear financial or personal losses during your journey.
  • Sole Itching – Someone may be walking over the ground where you will be buried in the future.
  • Biblical Meaning – Some Christians believe that right foot itching indicates you need to shift to a new place.
  • Belief in India – It is considered a good sign, it indicates the commencement of a fruitful Journey.
  • Belief in Turkey – Itching on the right foot before a business venture is seen as a sign of a successful business.

For detailed info on this topic, read further into the post.

foot itching superstition right and left and in male and female

My Experience With Foot Itching Superstition

Do you have an itch on your right foot or left? Or maybe an itch for knowledge?

foot itching experience

Sitting in a hospital chair, I constantly tried to avoid itching in my left leg. But to no avail.

A woman sitting beside me was giving me a sympathetic look in my direction. I wondered why but then I thought that maybe she related to my itching sensation.

But when I got up to get myself a cup of coffee, she followed me and took a cup of coffee for herself, and again started giving me a sympathetic look.

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I smiled, still not being sure about her sympathy. She then came near me, took hold of my hand, and advised me to be strong no matter what, and she was there if I needed anything she was there right beside me. I started looking at her weirdly. On understanding my confusion, she explained that itching in my left foot meant that something bad was supposed to happen.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and said softly that my left foot was itching, that too in a hospital. A bad thing, a bad report, or bad news would come my way.

Me being me, got curious and decided to research it.

Generalized Foot Itching Superstitions Meanings

Before we deep dive into the world of left or right-foot itching superstition, let’s take a look at the scientific definition of itching, shall we? 

Scientific American defines an itch as a generalized sensation in your body that occurs due to an irritation of nerve cells or skin cells associated with that area of the skin. 

If you’ve got an itchy foot, the primary reasons behind it could be – dirty feet or dirty socks, a recent Poison Ivy encounter, or that you may be suffering from a condition called athlete’s foot. 

Whatever the “scientific reasons” may be, there are certain symbolic meanings attached to foot itching.

Now, Let’s take a look at some of the generalized beliefs behind right or left foot itching

1. Time to Travel! 

Remember what your grandma used to say about your “itchy feet”? Ancestors worldwide believed that itchy feet were a sign of an impending journey. If you feel the bottom of your feet is developing an itch, then it could be a sign for you to take your luggage out and pack your bags for your next vacation! 

But hold your horses, there’s a lot more to this superstition than just traveling. Whether it is your right or left foot itching and which part of the foot is itching plays a great role in this superstition forecast. 

2. Right Foot Itching Vs Left Foot Itching 

If either or both of your feet are itching, it simply indicates that it’s time for you to travel. However, the details of your travel are decided by which foot is itching. 

Right foot itching superstition worldwide has a common belief that your traveling journey might need to be a preplanned one instead of a spontaneous one. That said, you’ll have a lovely time traveling and who knows, your trip may even turn out to be a lucrative one. 

Left foot itching superstition on the other hand indicates that you will have to bear certain losses during the journey, either financial or personal. If you’ve got a left foot itch, then don’t forget to hold on to your wallet and avoid packing any pricey items! 

3. Sole Itching

The North American culture dictates two meanings behind the sole itching superstition: 

  • Either someone is walking over the ground where you’ll be buried in the future! 
  • Or you’re going to be strolling on the strange ground in your upcoming journey! 

Right Foot Itching Superstition

The right part of our body is always given more importance and associated with positivity than the left side of our body. It is also believed that itching on the right foot signifies a journey where you will be welcomed with happiness. Also, you will achieve something good from this journey.

right foot itching in males superstition

In many cultures, it is believed that you should always put your right foot forward as an attribute of happiness and success. Even new brides in many countries always put their right foot forward for good and happy beginnings.

Biblical Meaning

Christians and Jews believe that itching on the right foot means a desire to move from your former place to a new place.

It might also signify you are upset or unhappy with your present place. It may even signify a journey without a particular destination in mind.

In India And Other Asian Countries

Indians, generally regard itching in the right part of our body as auspicious. Therefore itching in the right foot is also seen as positive. Itching on the right foot means the commencement of a new journey that will bear a fruitful outcome.

Turkish Meaning

The people of Turkey believe that itching in the right foot before the start of any journey is thought to bring good luck. It is also believed that an itchy right foot before any business venture or an exam is a sign of success in it.

Psychological Meaning

Itching on the right side of the body means the flow of positive energy in our body. Therefore itching in the right side of our body means something positive, or the flow of positive thoughts in our body.

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Right Foot Itching In Males Superstition

Right foot itching in males signifies something positive. Something good is soon going to happen. It may result in positive news, a favorable trip, or a journey that will result in good luck.

So cheers to all the males who are right now having a right foot itching.

Right Foot Itching In Females Superstition

What is the right foot itching female superstition?

Right foot itching in females is seen as something negative. Your journey may not result in as much benefit as you are expecting.

right foot itching

If it is not very urgent, consider avoiding it.

If you are planning to meet clients or go on business tours, there may be a signal to postpone it for the next day. (If you ask me personally, I would suggest you believe in yourself, do your efforts, and leave everything else to God.)

So beware ladies!

(On a lighter note) One major journey for females can be towards a shopping mall or rushing towards sale :), see if it is possible to avoid.

Let’s discuss left foot itching in detail below.

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Left Foot Itching

Itching in the left foot means an ill omen in some cultures. Some cultures also believe that you will start a journey where you will be welcomed with sorrow and pain.

In India and Other Asian Countries

The left side of our body is considered to be less auspicious than our right, therefore itching in the left foot is taken as a sign of bad luck in any upcoming journey. It also means that your upcoming trip may be canceled.

Turkish Meaning

Many people in Turkey see itching in the left foot as a sign of an ill omen. Or a journey going the wrong way.

Psychological Meaning

People generally associate the right side of the body with a more positive one. Therefore the left side of our body is thought to be a little bit on the bad side.

 In earlier times, left-handed people were thought to have the devil’s hand. Even now the left side of our body is thought to be the devil’s side since the bad angel or devil sits on our left shoulder. 

Therefore people generally associate itching in the left foot as a sign of bad luck and ill omen in many cultures and countries around the world.

Left Foot Itching In Males Superstition

Itching in the left foot for men is considered to be a sign of bad luck for them. So beware gentlemen!

Left Foot Itching In Females Superstition

What is left foot itching female superstition?

Itching in the left foot is taken as a good luck sign for females. So cheers ladies.

What is Pruritus?

Pruritus is an uncomfortable, irritating sensation that creates an urge to scratch that can involve any part of the body.

Medical Conditions Related to Itchy Foot

medical conditions related to Itchy foot

Is your itching not going away? Trust me prolonged foot itching doesn’t mean prolonged good luck but maybe a medical condition. Let’s dive into it together.

According to Healthline, itchy feet can be caused due to moisture, a dry environment, or irritants.

If the itching in your foot continues then you can very well have an infection or an allergy.

To get rid of your itch, you must keep your feet clean by washing them daily and drying them completely afterward. Wear 100% cotton or wool socks and stay clear of any harmful chemicals, soaps, and dermatological products.

Home Remedies

You can try these below-mentioned home remedies for your itching foot:

  1. Apply a wet cloth or ice pack.
  2. Using a moisturizer.
  3. Avoid skin products that might be irritating your skin.
  4. Avoid the soles of fabrics that can irritate your skin further.

If the itching continues then please visit a doctor.

Should We Believe In Them?

The answer to this question is for you to decide. Like always look at the scientific or logical perspective behind superstitions. If you are convinced by the explanation then follow it if not then don’t.

FAQs: Itching In Foot Myths

Can I go on a journey because my right foot is itching?

You can go on a journey whenever you want and just because your right foot is itching.

Conclusion: Superstition Related To Foot Itching In 2024

At last, my hospital visit was all good, I wasn’t faced with any negative outcomes despite the itching in my left foot.

Superstitions, like foot itching, are often rooted in tradition or folklore and lack any meaningful scientific evidence. Now, some people do find comfort in adhering to superstitions, while others see them as irrational.

I would like to end this article by saying, that even if you believe in superstitions, they aren’t a reliable source of information and scientific evidence is still crucial to make important decisions in your life. Keep that in mind.

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