60 Racing Jokes To Make Your Races Hilarious

Here are the best racing jokes! If you were searching for jokes about races, we have the best memes ever!

My familiarity with automobiles and racing is comparable to what I studied about theoretical physics in college. I earned a degree in theatre. The fact that many of these jokes aren’t even about vehicles certainly explains this.

I believe that adding a stripe makes something go faster. Does that apply to equines? I’m not sure. I suppose you’d need to paint one on the magnificent animal before asking it to hoof it. In any case, tell one of these jokes the next time you’re around your pals (you know, the cars and horses men), and if you’re lucky, they might never ask you to a gathering again.

jokes about racing, racing jokes

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Jokes have a way of reducing tension and allowing your mind to be open to more pleasant energies.

Even among athletes, jokes help to promote togetherness, cooperation, and a fun environment.

As a result, we’ve compiled 100 truly “rib-cracking” jokes about racing.

f1 racing jokes
  1. Why do F1 drivers always have bad relationships?
    They always try to finish first.
best race jokes

2. Why can’t Michael Jackson ever win in a race?
Because he always comes in a little behind.

3. What is the longest-running race?
The human race!

4. What do sprinters eat before a race?
Nothing, they fast!

5. What trophy do octopuses win as the grand prize in the cephalopod racing tournament?
The Suction Cup

funny jokes about racing

6. What did the tomato tell the other tomato during a race?

7. What do you think you would get if you crossed a race car with a stud?
The answer is crashed potatoes.

racing jokes

8. Why did the zombie come last in the NASCAR race?
He left his foot on the brakes.

9. Why should you never race a Muslim during Ramadan?
They fast during Ramadan!

10. Peter is a master of sports in cross-country skiing. John is a hired killer.
On average, both are involved in biathlon.

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11. My favorite gambling event is horse racing, but I’m bad at it.
No matter how hard I try, the horses are just way faster.

jokes about racing

12. Ferrari’s legacy in Italy has led to them taking F1 more seriously than anywhere else in the world. At just three years old potential racers are identified and must compete in a race for the coveted Sippy Cup.

13. I’ve been breeding racing deer
Just trying to make a quick buck

racing memes

14. I tried horse racing once, but I fell at the first fence.
I might have done better if I had a horse

15. I took the shell off my racing snail to see if it would make it go any faster
It just made it more sluggish.

16. What do we want? racing car noises when do we want them

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hilariously funny jokes

17. What is a cat’s favorite racing game?
Gran Purrismo.

18. What do Michigan autoworkers do on Cinco de Mayo?
They have a Fort Fiesta.

19. What do you need to be able to drive in the outback?
You need to show koala-fications.

f1 car racing jokes

20. What would you call Yoda’s business if he had one?
A Toyoda dealership

21. Why are pigs such bad drivers?
Answer: Because they hog the road!

funny race jokes

22. What do you call it when two photographic journalists from Helsinki are racing to get a picture of the next top news story?
A photo Finnish.

23. What’s a race car’s favorite thing to eat for lunch?
Fast food!

car racing memes

24. What do you call a horse that’s a world traveler?
A globe-trotter!

25. What do you get when you run in front of a car?

26. Why did the lactose-intolerant runner keep drinking milk?
He loved having the runs.

jokes about race

27. What is a vampire’s favorite racing game?
Need for Bleed.

28. Why was the runner in the marathon stopped and taken to jail?
He was resisting a rest.

29. What is it called when a knife joins a track team?
Blade Runner.

bike racing memes

30. What do you call a cat race?
A Meow-Athon

31. Why did the console peasant cross the road?
To render the building on the other side.

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jokes about bike race

32. Why are road racing bikes so expensive?
If they were cheap, cyclists wouldn’t have something to hold over pedestrians.

33. Which side of a horse has more hair?
The outside

34. My horse came in so late that the jockey was wearing pajamas.

35. what’s the difference between Usain Bolt and Adolf Hitler?
One got to finish a race.

36. Hear about the Racer who broke both legs ironing the curtains?
She fell out the window.

funny racing jokes

37. How did a barber win the race?
It was quite simple, though; he knew a shortcut through your hair.

38. What did the tornado say to the car? Want to go for a spin?

39. What did Jack say to the car? Can I give you a lift?

funny racing jokes

40. I couldn’t work out how to fasten my seat belt.
But then it clicked.

41. What do you call 16 Racers standing in a room around a beer keg?
A dope ring.

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42. Why did the legless dude think he won a race?
Because everybody already left.

43. My dad seen rupaul drag race?
Asked when will they do up the cars!

44. PETER: Which punctuation mark would win a race?
ROBERT: I don’t know.
PETER: The dash.

45. I am your friend. The jokes aren’t meant to hurt.

jokes about cycle race

46. Today we watched as children of 6 years olds played bicycle races.
They even had their leader, who announced the team’s names participating in the next races.

47. Chuck Norris and Time raced twenty years ago.
The result is inconclusive because Time is still running till today.

48. My friend invited me to go drag racing with him and I thought yeah that sounds fun
Turns out it is really freaking hard to run in the heels

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best running jokes

49. What do sprinters eat before a race?
Nothing, they fast!

50. My annoying little cousin is bragging about how he sleeps in a race car bed. Whatever, you little idiot… I sleep in a real car.

51. What’s the hardest thing about learning to ride a horse?
The ground!

jokes about swim race

52. Swim Race
A local pool was holding a swim meet for the disabled. There were three contestants, one man had no arms, one man had no legs, and one man was just a disembodied head.

53. That Moment you get to the track and the stress of the world goes away!!

54. What happens to a person if they run behind a car? They get exhaust-ed.

horse racing jokes

55. I bought a really old racehorse today.
I called him My Face.

56. How did the barber come first in the race?
He took a shortcut.

57. “Long distance running is 90 percent mental and the other half is physical.”
Rich Hall

funny popular racing jokes

58. If you could get rid of any race, which would you choose?
I’d pick the 400 meters, it’s too long for a sprint and it’s too short to be a true endurance race.

59. I run slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.

60. Road race with a dog? Run like a rabbit.

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Concluding words: Best Ever Racing Jokes and Memes

On certain days when things aren’t going according to plan, a good joke could be all you need to set you up for better things.

If you’re “Mr. Boring” or “Miss Too Serious”, we’re confident that this collection will help you improve your social interactions and discussion.

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