60 Best Chuck Norris Jokes, Memes & Facts For You In 2024

Looking for the best Chuck Norris Jokes or Memes in 2024? Look no further, you will find the best collection here.

Chuck Norris jokes are a new form of internet humor that emerged in the early 2000s. The jokes typically feature Chuck Norris, a fictional character with superhuman strength and speed, the humor comes from the exaggerated superhuman feats achieved by Chuck Norris.

The origin of these jokes is unknown. Some people believe they were inspired by an episode of the popular television show “Walker, Texas Ranger” in which Chuck Norris says “You’re just jealous because you’re not as cool as me.”

Chuck Norris is an American actor and martial artist. He is a noted writer, having penned books on martial arts, politics, philosophy, western novels, and biography.

Chuck Norris is familiar to fans worldwide as the star of action films such as The Hitman (1991), and The Delta Force (1986).

In this article, We have provided the best collection of Chuck Norris jokes and memes as well.

best chuck norris jokes

Hillarious Chuck Norris Jokes To Laugh Today

The Internet is full of Chuck Norris jokes as they are in huge demand. We have curated the 60 best jokes for Chuck Norris lovers that will surely make you laugh in 2024.

Chuck Norris was the first man who landed on moon. 🙂

Less known info: Superman, Captain America, and Iron man were once trained by Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris‘ ATM card was blocked by a bank. Angry Norris entered his visiting card and ATM dispensed all the cash.

Chuck Norris: Oh chicken lay three eggs quickly…. (Even after a long time, Chuck sees only one egg)

Chuck: Oh hen I asked you to lay three eggs and why did you give only one egg…? Aren’t you afraid of me?

Chicken: I am scared.. that’s why laid an egg..!! …otherwise, I am a rooster.

new chuck norris jokes

Chris Norris has visited Mars, which explains why there is no trace of life.

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chuck norris jokes

Chuck Norris hates ties! He prefers wins instead.

new chuck norris jokes

Chuck Norris died a few years ago, but death lacks the confidence to tell him.

latest chuck norris jokes

AK-47 is Chuck Norris’ blood type.

new chuck norris memes

In a racing challenge, Chuck Norris defeated a cheetah.

unique cuck norris jokes

When Chuck Norris sings, his ears bleed.

funny chuck norris memes

Chuck Norris charges his phone by rubbing it against the hair of his body.

funny chuck norris jokes

Chuck Norris has the power to chop off a knife with his hands. (Really!)

latest chuck norris memes

Chuck Norris can kill an animal just by looking at it.

funny chuck norris jokes

Chuck Norris makes his pillow cry.

new chuck norris jokes

Once Chuck Norris was passing through Switzerland by helicopter, But his purse fell, then what happened?, The place is today known as the Swiss Bank.

new chuck norris memes

Do you know why earthquakes happen? And the correct answer is that when Chuck Norris puts his phone in vibration mode, an earthquake occurs.

chuck norrise jokes

One day Chuck Norris had bunked his school..!! Since then that day is known as Sunday!!

latest chuk norris memes

Chuck Norris bought one acre of land with wells at every corner. Ask why??, so that he can play carrom.

latest chuck norris jokes

Chuck Norris was giving an exam. It was written in the paper that out of 150 questions, solve any 100 questions. Chuck solved all 150 questions and wrote Hey Man! check any 100.

funny chuck norris memes

Chuck bought a road roller. Think why? Simple, he had to iron the clothes.

funny chuck norris memes

The days when Chuck Norris was studying in class III, someone stole his rough notes. Today we know the same copy as Wikipedia.

funny chuck norris jokes memes
chuck norris

New Chuck Norris Jokes & Facts With Memes

All the Chuck Norris meme images in this post can be downloaded for free.

chuck norris joke

There is no life on Mars because Chuck Norris is already there.

When Chuck Norris was bitten by a snake, it died on the spot.

best chuck norris funny memes

The floor pushes itself down when Chuck Norris does a pushup.

chuck norrise new memes

Once there was a fight between God and Chuck Norris. Result?? Today we cannot see God!!

chuck norrise memes jokes

Chuck Norris can blast a nuclear bomb by simply throwing it, with in 2000 Kms of course, not beyond that. 🙂

chuck norrise jokes memes new

Chuck Norris will be seen in Sky today! he was in the Olympics and took part in the high jump..!!

chuck norrise funny jokes

Chuck Norris runs faster than Usain Bolt.

chuck norris best jokes

Chuck Norris has the ability to gargle Nutella.

chuck norris jokes

Chuck Norris constructed the hospital where he was born.

chuck norris new jokes

Alexander Graham Bell got two missed calls from Chuck Norris when he invented the telephone.

chuck norris memes

Chuck Norris Memes Images Download

chuck norris memes orgin

Even earthquakes seek Chuck Norris’ approval before arriving.

chuck norris memes download

There is a special spot in paradise for Chuck Norris.

chuck norris memes download

Chris Norris has a large woofer that serves as an alarm clock.

chuck norris memes

Many people have a swimming pool at their house. Chris Norris’ house has a whole friggin ocean in it.

chuck norris memes

Chris Norris lived on Pluto before it was designated as a “dwarf planet” by scientists.

chuck norris latest jokes

Chris Norris defeated Medusa in a staring contest.

chuck norris jokes

Chuck Norris’ daughter lost her virginity, and he tracked it out and reclaimed it.

chuck norris jokes

Chuck Norris will never be able to complete a Google form because Google cannot process Chuck’s typing speed.

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Latest Chuck Norris Memes With Jokes

Chuck Norris Facts are a type of internet meme that consists of a shortlist of absurd and impossible feats or events supposedly related to Chuck Norris.

chuck norris jokes origin

At a blood donation camp, Chuck Norris gives other people’s blood.

chuck norris jokes new

By singing sign language, Chuck Norris won America’s ‘The Voice.’

chuck norris jokes new download

Chuck Norris does not have bodyguards; instead, he hides weapons in his clothes and shoes.

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Best Strength Chuck Norris Jokes

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Chuck Norris jokes typically rely on the premise of Chuck Noris as an extraordinary individual with superhuman capabilities, these jokes are often based on Norris’ physical strength, toughness, and ability to overcome adversity.

The man behind the persona of Chuck Norris is a martial artist and actor who has been in movies such as Way of the Dragon, Delta Force, Lone Wolf McQuade, and Top Dog.

Chuck Norris is best known for his roles in the action films The Delta Force and Missing in Action. He has also been featured in various television shows, including ‘Walker, Texas Ranger‘.

Chuck Norris was born on March 10th, 1940 to Wilma and Ray Norris. His parents were both veterans of World War II. His father served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army Air Forces while his mother served as an army nurse with the 807th Medical Air Evacuation Unit during World War II.

After graduating from high school in 1958, he joined the United States Air Force and served six years as a military policeman before being discharged with honors at the rank of sergeant.

I hope you had a good laugh while reading these jokes. You can also free download Chuck Norris Jokes images and share them with friends. For more info about him, visit his biography.

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