150 Dumb & Stupid Questions To Ask People or Even Friends

Finding the latest dumb questions and stupid questions to ask friends and loved ones can be challenging. But we made it much easier for you by putting together a list of 150 such questions. You can ask these questions to both guys and girls.

These kinds of questions can also be used to irritate someone.

Is there a difference between foolish and dumb questions? There is, of course.

Don’t get it? Don’t be worried. We’ve got your back. To discover, stay tuned until the conclusion.

Let us now return to our main subject. These odd and absurd questions are a great way to start a conversation or spice up an existing one, they are great icebreakers.

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Here is our most comprehensive list of the top 150 questions that will lighten your day.

Stupid Questions To Ask People Or Anyone

Here is a collection of the best stupid questions that are not only funny but also frustrating at the same time that you can try on your friends, family, and loved ones.

  1. Why do we cut cake on birthdays?
  2. How far is the Moon from Jupiter?
  3. What is the weight of your brain?
  4. How can you tell if a butterfly is a male or a female?
  5. Do you ever have the thought that no matter how well the spaghetti is cooked, it is still raw?
  6. Would you rather go without make-up for the rest of your life or never taste chicken again?
  7. Would you date someone ten years older than you, if they offered you money?
  8. If you ever get a chance to relive a moment. What’d that be? Why?
  9. What is the taste of pineapple pizza?
  10. Who do you think is the dumbest ‘Friends’ character?
  11. Would you consider yourself dumb or silly?
  12. If you ever get a chance to change your gender, Would you go for it?
  13. What if men got pregnant instead of women?
  14. Which side of the armrest is yours in a cinema?
  15. What location would you choose for your funeral?

Honestly speaking, no one has got the answers to these dumb questions, the reactions of course will be worth noting.

stupid question to ask anyone

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  1. When was the last time you didn’t wash your hair?
  2. Do Cheetos have plastic in them?
  3. Why isn’t 2+2 equivalent to 22 if 1+1 = 11?
  4. Among you and your wife, who would you choose to die first?
  5. What is the weirdest food combination that you ever tried?
  6. Should I end my relationship with my girlfriend because she dislikes the television show “Friends”?
  7. When I do arithmetic, I don’t cheat, yet Y did my X?
funny stupid question to ask anyone
  1. Do zombies eat brains because they’re hungry for knowledge?
  2. How is it not true that the refrigerator is not cold?
  3. Is it possible for a fish to get dehydrated?
  4. Is there any kind of mermaid training?
  5. Why is it so difficult for us to make things do everything effortlessly if our brain can do anything?
  6. What makes you, you?
  7. Can happiness exist without sadness?
  8. If animals could talk, which species would be the rudest of them all?
  9. Can blind people see their dreams?

Stupid Questions To Ask A Girl

This is the collection of the most stupid questions ever. These silly questions are perfect to make a girl laugh and keep the conversation going.

  1. Is it ok to blow out the candles on someone else’s cake?
  2. What is one thing you would avoid doing if you could be a boy for a day?
  3. Do Koreans shave on a daily basis?
  4. Which princess would you choose if you had the chance to be one?
  5. Is there anything about your appearance that makes you feel self-conscious?
  6. What is your strangest habit?
  7. Would you rather face your fears or forget that you have them?
  8. Have you ever had to pee because you were laughing so hard you couldn’t stop?
Stupid Questions To Ask A Girl
  1. Have you ever eaten a raw egg?
  2. Do they have summers in Canada?
  3. Would you ever jump out of a plane?
  4. Have you ever tried a combination of fries and vanilla ice cream?
  5. Have you kept any of your childhood toys?
  6. Is soup eaten or drunk?
  7. According to you, who is the most beautiful living creature?
  8. What is the grossest thing you have ever got to witness?
  9. Have you ever attended a live concert?
  10. Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about at all?
  11. Do you still consider Pluto to be a planet?
  12. What would you ask God if you had the chance?
  13. Describe your perfect day.
  14. How do I know if he loves me without asking him?
  15. Do you ever want to get married?
  16. What is one question you’ve always wanted to ask a man but are afraid to?
  17. What is your favorite aspect about yourself that isn’t physical?

Stupid Questions To Ask A Guy

There’s also a collection of absurd questions for guys that are not just stupid but also cool and entertaining.

  1. ​​Is it true that some males don’t want a baby boy since they think they’re useless and dumb?
  2. Have you ever tasted dog/cat food?
  3. Have you ever lied in a personal interview?
  4. Do you sleepwalk?
  5. Is the ocean water genuinely salty?
  6. Is it possible for you to spend the rest of your life with only one person? If that’s the case, who would it be?
  7. Why has Greenland still been termed Greenland despite the fact that it is covered with ice?
  8. Which item of clothing do you own that is the ugliest?
Stupid Questions To Ask A Guy
  1. How old do you want to be when you die?
  2. Do you have a happy relationship with your girlfriend?
  3. How long does sleep last?
  4. What happens when you stop consuming milk?
  5. Have you ever been on a blind date?
  6. Is it harmful to think too much?
  7. What happens if you consume too much caffeine?
  8. Is it energizing to be with people?
  9. Do you believe it’s simpler to help others than it is to help yourself?
  10. Is suicide justifiable?
  11. What if we could fill a machine with our consciousness?
best funny Stupid Questions To Ask A Guy
  1. Are we still alive or are we on our way out?
  2. What is your most useless possession?
  3. Do you enjoy breathing?
  4. Why do newborns cry excessively?
  5. What are the initial impressions you have of someone?
  6. What is the most surprising fact about you?

Dumb Questions To Ask Anyone Including Friends

Here is a list of annoying yet hilarious dumb questions to ask your friends, family, and significant others.

  1. Where do I find ‘Old Zealand’?
  2. Do dreams come true?
  3. In space, Where do they get their food?
  4. What would you like to keep your ‘first name’, if ever given a chance to rename it?
  5. What if the world ends today?
  6. Something that goes up but never comes back?
  7. What is the weirdest place you have ever got to see?
  8. Have you ever peed while swimming?
  9. Why can’t we have strawberries with a straw?
  10. If you were to marry a celebrity, who’d it be? Why?
  11. Why didn’t Dora’s parents say anything to her despite the fact that she roamed all day?
  12. Why do cookies have to be baked rather than cooked?
  13. What do you think is the most fun sport to play? Why?
  14. Who do you wish does not show up at your funeral?
Dumb Questions To Ask Anyone
  1. Why do we laugh at funny jokes?
  2. Why aren’t the alcohol glasses filled all the way to the top?
  3. Do you put on both socks and shoes first, or do you start with a sock, then a shoe, and so on?
  4. Is it possible to look at the sun without tears rolling down your eyes?
  5. Can a piece of chewing gum be digested?
  6. Would you prefer to have another sibling or die young?
  7. How many sides does a circle have?
  8. Why is it that the middle kid in a family is generally overlooked?
  9. How did Pinnochio’s nose grow so long?
  10. Why is it that you may drink a drink but not food a food?
  11. Why does the whole body feel chilly when we drink water and it passes via the esophagus?
  12. When a thought is forgotten, where does it go?

Dumb Questions To Ask A Guy

For all the men out there, here is a unique collection of idiotic and silly questions that are both hilarious and frustrating at the same time.

  1. Why do men blame women for the gender of their children, regardless of the fact that they are solely responsible for it?
  2. Would you ever date your mom?
  3. Why don’t guys get menstrual periods?
  4. When was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  5. Do you ever think to yourself, “We were better off when we were kids?”
  6. Who do you think is the happiest animal of all?
  7. Have you ever attempted to steal money from your home?
  8. Do you watch anime?
  9. Is it possible to change one’s gender by consuming pills?
  10. Is there a full form to NAP?
  11. Would you want to die in a car accident, naturally, or as a victim of a murder?
  12. Is it better to put milk first, or grains first?
  13. Can one travel to North Korea?
Dumb Questions To Ask A Guy
  1. A fun fact about yourself?
  2. What do you do if things do not seem quite right?
  3. How did we come to the conclusion that they were termed dinosaurs?
  4. Is 1kg of metal or 1kg of fur heavier?
  5. Would you rather have one wish granted today Or three wishes granted in ten years’ time?
  6. Do you believe in the Afterlife?
  7. Have you ever dumped someone?
  8. What holiday would you like to create if it didn’t already exist?
  9. In one word, define your life.
  10. Three hours ago, what were you doing?
  11. Would it be difficult to kiss the person you recently kissed?

Dumb Questions To Ask A Girl

Not to worry, ladies; we’ve compiled a list of great questions for you. We are very certain that you will like them.

  1. What does ‘K’ actually mean?
  2. Why does a girl’s “No” mean “Yes” and  “Yes” mean “No”?
  3. Do you believe that men are more complex than women?
  4. Have you ever gotten a whiff of your own fart?
  5. What is the color of water?
  6. What is one superpower you will not possess?
  7. Why do girls love pink color so much?
  8. How can you verify that a guy is creepy?
  9. Is there any particular language spoken in hell?
  10. Would you date a person who is younger than you?
  11. Do you like straight hair or curly hair?
  12. Is it OK to drink water or milk after eating a watermelon?
  13. What if there was no internet?
  14. What is one thing that you are keen about not eating?
  15. Are you a religious person?
  16. What do you value most in a relationship?
Dumb Questions To Ask A Girl
  1. Do you find it easier to LOVE or to HATE?
  2. Which dog breed do you think is the cutest of all?
  3. Is there a drug that can make me look more attractive?
  4. Is it true that sand is named sand because it is found between the sea and the land?
  5. Why does food get cold and beverages become hot?
  6. Which is worse: friends upload your ugly photos Or your old photos are dug up by some friends?
  7. Which animal makes you the most frightened?

What do you say in response to such ridiculous questions?

This is a typical question that everyone has. We’re here to help you out.

Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

1) Just laugh it off.

2) Provide a philosophical response.

3) Simply attempt to ignore it.

4) Reply with a more foolish response.

5) Elicit a detailed explanation from the speaker.

We reached out to our readers through email and collected these dumbest questions to ask your friends. Hope you will like them.

Conclusion: Stupid or Dumb Questions To Ask People

We hope this finest selection of 150 foolish and idiotic questions that are stupid and dumb will make you laugh. If you want to irritate someone quickly, these are perfect.

Please share them with your family and friends if you enjoyed them.

Moreover, if you have any additional strange or nonsensical questions, please send them to us at our official email address.

Thank you for stopping by. Visit our website for more such articles.

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