Red Butterfly Meaning & Symbolism: Are They Good Luck?

I was at a flea market on a Sunday with my friends, and while enjoying the games, dance, shows, etc while shopping I saw a spiritual store. I saw many red, also red, and black combination butterflies around me.

Surprisingly I entered a jewelry store, and I saw spiritual pieces of jewelry made with crystals and Fengshui items.

That’s when I saw rings and pendants with butterflies on them, especially red butterflies. I thought it might be due to valentines day being around. I recollected that I also saw a few red butterflies a while ago.

My curious mind immediately started asking about it. The store owner was herself a spiritualist, she explained to me how important red butterflies are when it comes to transformation.

She explained all about it and I could relate to my life. I understood certain things about my life and thought about changing them for good.

I am grateful to be able to share it with everyone.

Red Butterfly Meaning

What Does A Butterfly Symbolize Spiritually?

A butterfly is associated with positive changes, transformation, rebirth, new beginnings, etc. Butterfly also symbolizes lightness and being calm always.

Flying high but with no pressure. Different colored butterflies have different spiritual meanings. Seeing butterflies is considered to be a positive sign and a sign of good luck, prosperity, and abundance coming your way.

Butterflies symbolize lightness. It asks us to shed the heaviness and fly as much as possible. 

Do not give yourself pressure about anything. Work, study, and think up to your capacity.

As Cariad-Barrett puts it, “Butterflies aren’t here to show us anything, but when we live our lives in a relationship with nature, that relationship can highlight the ways we resonate with those we are interacting with.” In short, if butterflies touch your life in some unique way, you’re connected to them.

History and Original 

Various religions and cultures have their theories about butterfly symbolism. 

In Hinduism, the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly is adored and it is said that death is not the end of life but there is more to life and death, a higher purpose beyond death. 

In Christianity, the butterfly is said to be a soul. In China, it is a success, joy, and good luck. 

Native Americans believe that it is a sign of change. In Islam it signifies growth.

Polik-mana or Butterfly Maiden is a kachina, or spirit being, in Hopi mythology. Every spring she dances from flower to flower, pollinating the fields and flowers and bringing life-giving rain to the Arizona desert.

Butterfly means balance and change in Hopi culture.

Greek and Minoan, Aristotle gave the butterfly the name psyche, the word for soul. 

Roman culture Coins – a butterfly as the symbol of the soul. Cupid and Psyche. 

Butterflies And Transformation

We all know how caterpillars shed and transform themselves into butterflies. In the same way, we must give up what is not serving us. Changes are an important part of life and are sometimes uncertain.

Live in the present moment!

Chuang Tzu says “Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she began to fly

When you think you are losing everything, that is exactly when the universe gives you everything. During the transformation, the period is stable, calm, and patient.

Butterfly simply means transformation, lightness, good luck, and success. 

What Does It Mean When A Red Butterfly Visits You?

In some traditions, it is believed that red butterflies signify that our prayers have been answered.

It is also believed that angels protect us always and are a way of visiting us through butterflies.

Native American cultures believe that red butterflies are good luck and they are a sign that all our wishes and manifestations will show up soon.

If you see a red butterfly it may signify new beginnings.

Peace and positivity!

As Philipp Reiter said, “A positive mindset brings positive things.

The red butterfly symbolizes finding your lost happiness, finding joy in little things, passion for something, and creativity. Trust your immediate feelings and take action without fear.

Staying positive and believing in the universe will help you reach your higher purpose in life. Staying positive, not giving up, and being stable no matter what is a powerful place to be in.

Your angels are guiding you and will take you on the right path, you just have to walk on it and be firm with your decisions.

What Does The Red Butterfly Say About Love?

Seeing two red butterflies might signify that you have already met your soulmate. There is passion in your relationship. Red is the color of love.

If you are already in a relationship it may mean that you may take the relationship to next level or even marriage. You two are passionate about not just each other but also overall well-being.

In twin flame, it is the time to rekindle your relationship and friendship.

If you are single, a red butterfly may signify that you have someone in your mind whom you are passionate about, and seeing a red butterfly might act as a confirmation that the person you are thinking about feels the same about you.

Here are a few crystals for self-love and attracting love in life.

Rose quartz is meant for attracting love and can be used while practicing self-love.

Whereas carnelian is a crystal for love and passion.

Friendships will also flourish and you might meet new people at gatherings. These might be fruitful for you in ways you don’t know.

Speak affirmations daily for love and friendship:

I don’t chase; I attract.

I am loved.

I allow love and passion in my life.

My relationship is growing each day.

I deserve a fulfilling relationship.

I deserve honest and true friendships.

If you are seeking peace, love, and protection, here is a prayer to Archangel Chamuel, the angel of love.

Red Butterfly And Health/Healing

Pay attention!

When you come across a red butterfly it may be a sign from the universe that you need to leave your stress behind, the problem may be in your mind, which is reflecting on your body.

Reconnect with yourself. You might need a change. Eat healthily and practice yoga.

Angels are asking you to take a break and focus on your health.


Look around you if you are following a toxic life pattern or getting influenced by toxic people around you.

Archangel Raphael is one of the seven archangels who stand before the throne of God. He is known as the healer. Check this prayer as well.

Bible And Red Butterfly

 In Christan tradition, butterflies represent rebirth and spiritual transformation. Butterflies are also related to God and represent a connection with God. Butterflies represent new life and beginning.

A red butterfly means that a spirit is near and is observing you. This spirit can be both good and bad, and you don’t necessarily have to be scared of it. The spirit might also be present to support you as you face challenges in life, and could be another sign of good luck. 

What Does A Red Butterfly Signify?

New career opportunities! Creativity at its best!!!

When it comes to careers, red butterflies hold a special place. Red butterflies signify transformation when it comes to careers. 

New beginnings. New mindset. New direction. New ways.

Just like the caterpillar who has to go through a major transformation to fly high! Your mind is working in different ways, and you are coming up with new plans to execute.

If you have been thinking about a new idea or expansion and are doubtful about it, the angels are asking you to leave the stress behind and go for it. Take chance.

If you are in a job or looking for a job, it is happening. Angels are asking you to trust the process. Your new job will be like a blessing.

Sometimes an opportunity for something great comes from something small. Keep going, even when in doubt.

Luck favors the prepared. Well done is always better than well said.

We all have an internal compass that points us in the right direction.

Sign Of Danger! 

Red is considered to be a sign of danger! When you see red butterflies.

Do not fear!!! Why? Because it is simply asking you to reconsider a few things in your life. It might be a toxic relationship, job, family, or toxic friends around you. These things do not let you grow.

You need to let go of certain toxic things to bring positivity and peace. 

New interests!

When you come across a red butterfly it may also indicate that you are inclined towards new interests, especially in occult science.

Witchcraft and other occult things might fascinate you. If it calls you give it a try. But always do what is right.

You may even consider taking guidance from a tarot card reader.

Different Color Butterflies And Their Meaning

  1. White butterfly– Spiritual journey starts or transformation, purity, magic, or ancestors blessing.
  2. Yellow butterfly– Joy, fun time with friends and family, a positive summer, luxury.
  3. Black butterfly– Transformation period, ancestor visits, darkness before the light arrives.RFF
  4. Green butterfly– Abundance, wealth, and material things coming your way.
  5. Brown butterfly– your ancestor, guidance that you are on the right path, success, and patience.
  6. Red butterfly– Protect yourself, witchy encounter, or paranormal. In love, it means a partnership, passion, and romance.
  7. Orange butterfly– Reconnect with your lost joy, Bring balance or you might get the power to bring life changes, awakening.

Butterflies All Around You!

When you see red butterflies in pairs, it indicates romance and a passionate relationship.

When you see 3 red butterflies together, Trinity, a connection of mind body, and spirit. Use your powers in the right direction.

When you see 3 or more red butterflies together, pay attention to the messages from the universe or angels. They might also be angels themselves, blessing you.

Connect with your higher self. Spend time with yourself. Work on yourself.

What Happens When A Red Butterfly Is Flying In Your House?

Expect good news coming your way, some important decisions will lead to positive changes. They bring unexpected gains and luck to all family members.

What does dreaming about a red butterfly signify?

Dreaming about red butterflies may signify that you might encounter changes and see a transformation in yourself.

You need to focus on good and new possibilities, leaving the old beliefs behind, just like the butterfly in its transformation period.

Abundance your way! 

Seeing red butterflies might open all possibilities of income. If your money is blocked, your path will be cleared. You need to be mindful while spending money.

Investments might give you good results. Long-term investments are advisable.

Your lost loved one is nearby!

In many cultures, butterflies in general are considered our lost loved ones who visit our loved ones in a while. 

The red butterfly may indicate that your lost loved one is nearby and guiding you

In some traditions, it is believed that butterflies are our ancestors who visit us once in a while. They are addressed as “souls.” They visit and keep a check on us. 

My Experience With Seeing Butterflies Often

Not once, but several times, I’ve come across scenes in which I’m surrounded by red butterflies.

I have seen a particular type of butterfly always visiting me since childhood. I believe they are my grandparents.

It feels good to know that I am protected. It may or may not be true, but it gives us a sense of peace and hope. Start spending time with yourself. Practice self-love and look after your family.


Is seeing a red and black butterfly lucky or unlucky?

It is considered to be lucky! It is a positive sign. It is known as a powerful combination

Does the red butterfly indicate danger and harm to us?

Yes, some traditions believe that seeing a red butterfly is a bad omen. Be mindful so you can avoid it or overcome it. It is all in our minds. New beginnings happen when the old toxic patterns change.

What does it mean when butterflies enter our house?

It is believed that they are our ancestors visiting us or carrying messages from angels that they are with us and protecting us.

What does a red butterfly say about spirituality?

Seeing a red butterfly may be a sign for you to start your spiritual journey if u haven’t started yet. If you are on that path, it means that you are on the right path, and angels are asking you to go ahead.

Does every color butterfly have a different meaning?

YES! They have different meanings.

Does seeing a red butterfly indicate negative changes?

No, they are necessary and positive changes. Trust your angels and the universe.

Does the butterfly represent God?

Yes, Psyche, is a greek goddess of the soul and is represented with butterfly wings.

What does the red butterfly say about love?

2 red butterflies indicate companionship. A red butterfly may signify that you will encounter a passionate and loving relationship.

Final Words

Butterflies despite being so tiny and light have a strong powerful message for us. Just like the caterpillar fought and was stable during the transformation period.

Butterflies do not count days, months, or years, they count moments, fly and enjoy their life.

Red butterflies are often associated with love, passion, and desire. In some cultures, red butterflies are thought to symbolize the soul or spirit of a loved one who has passed away. Red butterflies may also be seen as symbols of transformation and change, as they undergo a dramatic transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

In some Native American cultures, red butterflies are considered to be good luck and are believed to bring good fortune to those who see them. In literature and art, red butterflies may be used as symbols of the fleeting nature of life and the beauty of transformation. They may also represent the power of love to change and transform a person’s life.

A red butterfly signifies good luck, prosperity, self-love, positive changes, and transformations in life. It teaches us to let go and practice detachment.

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