Eating Late at Night Myth: Before Bed Eating Superstition: The Truth

Are you interested in learning about the Before Bed Eating Superstition?

Let’s be honest, we all have had those late-night cravings for ice creams, pizzas, or burgers. We have all at least once thrown away all our caution of eating late and enjoyed it.

But what if I say that there is a superstition of eating late at night? I know what you think, weren’t cats crossing our road and Friday the 13th enough?

To answer your question, No they aren’t enough. Therefore, to educate you on more superstitions and myths, today we graciously knock on the door of eating late superstitions.

eating late at night myth

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that it will allow us in.

My Experience And Story

eating late night experience

The winds were calm and in my favor, as I was sitting on my window and gazing at the dark starless sky when out of the blue, I wanted to have a pizza with chocolate ice cream. Cliche, I know!

But at that time, I just wanted to have it as I didn’t even have my dinner properly. Therefore I decided to order it from my favorite cafe. 

During that summer, my grandma came to visit us. I decided to check on her and offer her my midnight snacks. 

When I visited her with my favorite pizza and chocolate ice cream in hand, I thought that she would be happy and enjoy the snacks with me. But she started looking at me weirdly and scolded me for having late-night snacks.

She explained that if I ate late-night snacks like this, I was bound to have bad dreams, bad health, bad luck, and the like.

These terms like always, got me curious to search more and gain more.

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Eating Late at Night Myth and Superstitions in Various Countries

eating late night myth and superstitions

There are many myths regarding food in many cultures and countries. For example, the spilling of salt is said to be an ill omen. There is a myth that eating cheese late at night can cause bad dreams. 

In Korea, it is believed that eating apples late at night can hinder a peaceful night’s sleep. According to Korean people, eating apples late at night can cause indigestion, causing difficulty in sleeping at night. 

In China, it is believed that you should never cut your long noodles. Cutting them signifies cutting life. Therefore you should always eat your noodles long. (I find absolutely no problem in doing so).

In many regions and especially villages of India it is mandatory to eat food early or sometimes even before sunset. There are various myths claiming that eating late at night can cause weight gain. But that’s not the case.

In Western Culture, it is commonly believed that eating late at night can lead to weight gain due to slow metabolism at night, however, there is no scientific evidence to back this up.

Before Bed Eating Superstition

before bed superstition

There are some before-bed superstitions as well. Let’s have a look at them too!

  1. If someone interrupts you while you are making your bed, then you may have a nightmare.
  2. A young woman who sleeps with a piece of wedding cake may dream of her future husband. 
  3. Sleeping with your head facing north is considered a bad thing in Japan. It is the position in which a dead person lies.
  4. According to ‘The Encyclopedia of Superstitions’ by Richard Webster, one should never wake up a person who is sleepwalking, since it is believed that his soul may never return.
  5. There is also a superstition of keeping a swan’s feather underneath your spouse’s pillow to prevent infidelity.
  6. It is also believed that sleeping on your right side may bring sweeter dreams.
  7. You should always come and go from the same side of your bed.

But can I tell you a secret?
It doesn’t matter on which side you sleep, everyone is bound to have bad, good, and dreamless nights.

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How To Reverse It?

The only way to reverse eating late at night is to have healthy food, the time doesn’t matter, and try to get a healthy amount of sleep.

Sleeping and eating are both very essential parts of our life. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how much work we have, we should at least try to eat and sleep healthily.

Now that we have learned about eating late at night myths and superstitions. Let’s knock on our science door and try to find the science behind them!

Science Behind It

Many people believe that eating late at night can cause weight gain, but a calorie will always be a calorie, doesn’t matter the time. 

But eating late at night does have its cons. Let’s face them.

Researchers believe that eating late might cause us to eat more than normal, it may also cause us to eat calorie-dense and unhealthy food at night. This is because most people don’t want to go to the kitchen at night to make some healthy food, they just grab a pack of chips and munch on them instead.

Eating late at night means sleeping late at night and sleeping late at night can disturb our biological clock. Sleeping late at night means waking up late in the morning which can sometimes lead to us becoming irritated.

In Addition, eating late at night has been linked to many eating disorders such as night eating syndrome and binge eating disorder. 

Should we believe them?

Well as I always say, don’t blindly believe in myths and superstitions. Try to research as much as you can to find the science and logic behind it. 

Trust me, you will be shocked every time.

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Will I gain weight by eating late at night?

The answer to your question is both a No and a Yes. No proof directly relates weight gain to late-night eating, the weight gain depends on what and how much you eat.

Can I sleep 30 minutes after eating?

It is generally believed that you should wait at least 2-3 hours after dinner for your stomach to empty. While it may not cause weight gain, sleeping on a full stomach may cause sleep disturbances, leading to poor-quality sleep.

Conclusion: Myth Related To Eating Late At Night Before Bed

Now that we have seen both myths, superstition, and science it’s time to decide. Whom should we believe? I’ll pass on this difficult choice to you to decide for yourself. 

Just for your information, I did get a nightmare of failing my chemistry test after I ate my favorite pizza late at night but that’s probably because I was already very nervous about it. 

And No, I didn’t Fail my Chemistry test.

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  1. Really enjoyed the way you wrote this article. In fact, your writing style is very good and enjoyable. Regarding the topic, eating after sunset is not at all good for our health but most of us do that. But still, we should finish our dinner as fast as we can. Eating late-night regularly will have a very bad impact on our health for sure.


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