Dreaming of a House Meaning? Why You Dream of Old House: 2023 Guide

If you are dreaming of a house and want an interpretation of what it could mean, you should read this article in detail. The meaning of houses in dreams can be positive or negative.

Let’s get started and find what it can symbolize if you are seeing a dream of a house.

Dream About an Old House (You Used to Live In) | Meaning and Interpretation

Are you wondering why you are seeing a Dream about an Old house you used to live in? I Also saw my Old house at my native place a few days back in my Dreams. But honestly, it was a very pleasing dream I saw with the entire family having fun over there (a few best days during my childhood). It is an Interesting Topic today because a few days back I myself checked the internet and scrolled multiple sites and consulted a few elders about the same.

I currently live in Delhi (India) which is about 300 Kms from my hometown where I was born and brought up. For the last few days, I could see my old house in my Dreams, which my father and myself constructed a few years ago with lots of pride and effort too. Is it strange, worry-some, positive, negative, or funny? Let’s find out

Dream About a House Meaning and Interpretation

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The first thought which is as per me is that it is a very common symptom sometimes when you think of something nostalgic back of your mind and your subconscious mind starts drilling into it. When you are relaxed or your mind is idle, you either think of it consciously or even in dreams sometimes.

I was just trying to figure out the reason, after thinking a lot on this, I could find out the following possible reasons

  • Your Attachment and Memories as you have spent a long time there.
  • Someone very close to you still lives there, Like my mom still lives in my hometown. So its normal that when I think of her, my mind automatically picture her cooking food in kitchen and may be this is a reason of this dream.
  • Something related to your house, a house like your own, a room like your own you have seen recently in your current city. Whenever such things happens, you can see them in dreams, it is very common with me.
  • May be back of the mind you are worried about the care of property there.
  • Few times it also happened when I accidently met my childhood friends who used to live nearby my old house and we used to play on the terrace there.
  • There is something back of your mind which has triggered this dream. Try to figure that out.

Are you missing your Old House?

 If such things are happening, I think, No harm in planning a visit to your old house and connecting to your roots back.

old house in dreams myth

Some Myths | Dream About an Old House

I came across some myths pertaining to your Dream of Old House –

  • If you are dreaming of your old home, it may also signal you that there is something from your past lives that you either need to bring into your current life or leave it again in the past. You may want to analyze your dream’s advice on what to leave behind and the things that you should take with you in your current life.
  • Dreaming of House is dreaming about Yourself. They say that “You are the house”. Even in Vastu-shastra, they try to connect yourself, your birth chart, etc to the house. It is believed that your entire house is in fact a figure of a human being, Northeast being the head. It says how your House connects you with your relations, finance, goodwill, growth, happiness in your life. Consider talking to a Vastu Expert also. Vastu Shastra believes that even if you leave your Old House, it always has an impact on your life even if you are not living there.
  • Your House is your identity and a sense of Self.

Positive Signals Related to Dream About an Old House – A Myth or A Reality?

Few things are always mysterious and don’t have a static answer common for everyone. Dreams for everyone could signal a specific action or situation owing to one’s life. Hence we can only make assumptions. 

Just sharing some positive signals (as per my belief) if you Dream of your Old House –

  • If you are beautifying, adding value, adding floors, or improving the house, that may be a sign of good fortune and even good health.
  • Paintings on the walls, Arts, etc may be a sign of some creative idea in your mind is going to take its shape soon.
  • Dreaming of Old house with no negative signs can also be a sign of self-confidence that you are on the right path and doing great in your life.
  • Again, dreaming of Living in or Moving Back to your old House, repairing, etc is also a positive sign.

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Negative Signals & Warnings About Dream Of an Old House You Used to Live In

Let’s also discuss the flip side as well. Nothing to worry about too much about, just relax and take a few precautions. Just sharing some Negative signals (as per my belief) if you Dream of your Old House –

  • If you some theft happening in your Old house, you may consider securing all your belongings including changing all critical passwords which may result in losses. In case you have given a loan to someone, you should chase them back for return. Your subconscious mind might be signaling you regarding some financial decisions also which you are not sure of. Secure your finances.
  • In case, you just saw a house in bad shape or something that you didn’t like about it, that may be a sign of ignorance and neglect in terms of your own well-being, health, and overall care. That may also reflect your low confidence and need for some support. Look out for some cheerful company soon. Start keeping yourself happy.
  • Any dream related to any unforeseen event like a damaged house, Fire, etc may be a sign of danger to you because of some bad habit you may have. Immediately figure them out and consider staying away with them. Leave all your life-threatening bad habits as it’s not something that you yourself like the back of the mind.

What kind of House dreams you should generally notice?

You only need to relate a few dreams about your Old House, like what you have seen is sounding good or scary.

Whether you enjoyed that dream or not. In simpler words, would you again want to see that dream or not? As mentioned above, if everything you have seen in a dream is related to beautiful colors, perfect shape, Arts and crafts, parks and lawns, Addition to floors, Paintings, Some of the best times spent there, etc, Then its a perfect dream to have signifying positives about your life.

You only need to take precautions If you have seen something that you didn’t like unpainted walls, broken walls, theft or fire incidents, etc.

In case you are not getting rid of these dreams and are worried, there is no harm in visiting a specialist in your town and having a consultation. Use this above guide only as my personal belief as everyone could have his or her own positive and negative biases for every topic. 

Dreams Definition

Something Off the Topic, but there are people who don’t even know the difference between dreaming and thinking. 

As per Dictionary – “The activities, images, and feelings experienced by the mind during sleep”

One of the characteristics of Dreams is that It is a “visionary creation of the imagination”.

You also Dream of becoming something and buying something which is more of thinking and not a dream exactly like – I dream of becoming rich or I dream of buying a Mercedez Benz.

Example of Dreams Definition – 

I had a very strange dream about you last night.

I saw my old house in my dreams last night.

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