Dreaming of Dead Person, Relative, Alive, and Talking? Here Is What It Means!

Are you looking for the meaning of a dream of a dead person? Do you ever wonder about the dream you saw last night? Scientists say that dreams are an extension of our memory and imagination working together. But that is no way of explaining the unexplainable things you can see in a dream.

One such strange dream is dreaming of a dead person. I recently saw my grandmother who passed away years ago. The scientific explanation didn’t seem to apply in the situation so I thought to read about people’s beliefs and how dreams are interpreted generally.

It is amazing to see, how there are 100s of articles about such dreams. I found very few of them logical and worth spending time reading about it. I am sharing all I found readable on the internet about this topic.

meaning of dreaming about dead people

Why you might see a Dead Person in a Dream?

There are many reasons why you might encounter a dead person in your dream. It might be because you have been thinking about them for some reason, or it might be that you just are not able to forget someone who passed away. Here are some basic reasons and beliefs of why you might have seen a Dead Person in a Dream.

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dead person dream image

A Signal of Trouble Ahead

The first reason why you might have seen a Dead person in the dream is because of some trouble coming your way in the future. There is no specification about the dangerous type of person who might cause you harm.

Trouble can be imminent, physical, financial, or of any other kind. When you see a dead person in the dream it is wise to be careful and attentive to things that happen around you.

Unforgiving Feelings towards yourself

One of the primary reasons why you might have seen a dead person in a dream is because you are not able to let go of the things and memories related to that person. It can be due to several reasons.

  • Either you are holding yourself responsible for something that happened to the person you saw in your dream
  • It might be that you were asked to do something by that person and it is not done yet.
  • Various other emotional feelings like guilt or conscience can also be the reason to see a dead person in the dream.

Indication of New Beginning

More often than not we connect such dreams to the bad things that might happen to us. But there is definitely more meaning to decipher from our weirdly tangled dreams.

One untangled meaning of such a dream is the indication of a fresh start in life. Although there are particular situations even in dreaming of a dead person. And all those situations have different meanings.

Warning Against Negative Thoughts

Sometimes we are caught in the grasp of negativity and hopelessness. All the doors seem closed and all the paths stray. You might see a dead person in a dream or an alive person dead in a dream as a warning to not wander deeper into the negative thoughts and look to be positive towards things in your life.

Dead Person in Dream Scenarios: What does it means when you see someone who has passed away

It is not necessary to heed all the things you see in your dream but it is good to understand the dream you saw. Because sometimes dreams are more than we can decipher them for.

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There are particular situations that mean totally different things when we talk about seeing a dead person in a dream. I have tried to describe some of those situations to the best of my capabilities:-

Dreaming Dead Parents and Loved Ones


There are many reasons why you might dream about your loved ones. You might be in a state of grieving over the loss. It also might be your own projection of something you are feeling guilty/owed about related to that person. Another reason why you might see your parent or great grandparents.

dead relative in dream


Dreams related to close ones are usually positive. Although sometimes negative and unwanted dreams can appear in your sleep. Many people experience dreaming about their dead loved ones. Often such dreams are the extension of how we are feeling and thinking. In sleep, our subconscious brain remains active and the prevalent feelings and thoughts are projected in random directions.

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Dead Person in a Coffin and Coffin With a Deadman


Dreaming about a dead person in a coffin can be for many reasons. As per Gypsies Dream books dreaming about yourself or a stranger in a coffin might be because of your worry about your career or life situations. Such dreams predict longevity.

coffin dream


Dreaming of a deadman inside of a coffin is often considered ghastly. According to some dream books, it is suggested that no new projects should be initiated and a stay on the ongoing projects for some time.

On other hand, it is thought that spotting A Deadman standing next to a coffin in a dream, signals a change in your life. This change could be quite small, like purchasing new items, or it could be really significant like marriage, or career change. Typically, seeing a dead person besides a coffin is interpreted as a good omen.

Following a Dead Person to Go Somewhere


As per some dream books when you are worried about your future in advance. You might experience various signs in your subconscious mind. Following a person is considered a bad sign as per dream books.

dead person walking


A dream is considered a negative dream if you are trailing or pursuing a deceased individual. This dream is regarded as a warning of the potential danger that you may encounter in near future. If you have such a dream, it is advised that you think positively and pay attention to your surroundings, and exercise caution.

Deadman Coming Alive and Talking


These are two tricky dreams that you might dream of. Seeing someone talk in a dream usually is a good experience and it suggests you be careful about some things. Deadman coming alive is a direct sign of problems that you might face in near future.

seeing dead person in dream


In your dreams, you might occasionally encounter the living dead. These dreams can be read in one of two ways:

  1. If the individual visits you routinely and converses with you, the dream has a pleasant connotation. Even the potential for blessing you has been highlighted in certain dream literature.
  2. In the spiritual meaning, you should obey the conversation that took place in the dream. Whether it was a command, warning anything, it should be heed to.
  3. It is seen as a bad omen if you witness a deceased person emerging from a coffin in your dream. The likelihood of experiencing any unanticipated difficulties from unusual persons is taken into account.

Unknown Dead People


Usually dreaming of unknown dead people is not a thing to worry about. It can just be your subconscious mingling with our memory and creating extensions about which our mind does not know enough.

dead people coffin


If there are an excessive number of recognized or unidentified dead bodies present. It is interpreted as peril, and you must vary about things in your life at that time. You should not take too much pressure on yourself and keep a positive approach till everything sorts out.

Deadman Offering Money


If your family member or some random guy is offering money to you, it might be a signal that your riches will increase and financial problems will be solved by getting aid from someone/


As is customary, being offered money is a positive sign. If you dreamed that a deceased guy was giving you money, it suggests that overall material riches will increase. Additionally, if you are having financial difficulties, it’s possible that the person who has passed away is attempting to assist you.

This is a superstition that suggests your prosperity may rely on the hand that a deceased person used to give you money. If you receive money from the right hand, it may even indicate that you have won the lottery. If you receive money from the left hand, it is a sign that you will be prosperous and that a stronger and more powerful person will assist you.

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Deadman Giving Flowers

dead person giving flower


As per dream deciphering books, a deadman will come to your dream and give you flowers when you have been remembering that person frequently.


One of the most uplifting dreams involving a deceased man is this one. If a deceased man presents you with flowers, it indicates that you have thought of him recently and may even miss him. In spiritual texts, it is believed that our thoughts reach the dead and they visit us in dreams to meet us.

Dreaming Dead Person Again and Again


The death of a dead person, again and again, indicates your desires and the changes you want to make in yourself. It might be a sign of feeling something that you felt long ago.

Dreaming of a Person Who Died Long Ago


Seeing a person who died long ago warns you about the mistakes you are making. In professional or personal life, the dream was a warning to now make the mistake that the deceased person made.

dream of dead person

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Final Thoughts: Meaning of Dream of Dead Person

Dreaming of a deceased person is related to our subconscious mind more than anything factual or substantial. There are certain methods of meditation that can help you keep such dreams at bay. It is wise to know about the dream you saw, but it is not to wise in believing the myths and beliefs unless you have experienced something like that personally.

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