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What is Numerology

What is Numerology- “Numerology” or “Ank Shastra in India” deals with the impact of Numbers on our lives. It believes that every number is associated to one planet and also every alphabet. Every Number is said to have a particular vibration which has positive or negative impact on our lives. Numerology is a way of life which studies the relationship between your luck or destiny and numbers. Numerology says that if Universe once broken down we are left with the basic elements, which are numbers. Numerology believes in “Mystical Relationship” between numbers and your life events. It is believed that since every alphabet is associated with one number and thus one planet, we can improve our Luck with minor change alphabets used in your name. If any number is associated in your life with negative events, it advises you to avoid that number. It also studies the friendliness between planets.

What is Numerology Beginners Guide

Impact of Numbers on our Lives

As Mentioned above, Numerology has allocated a particular number to each alphabet and each planet. You will have a impact of 2 or more planet in your life. Not every planet governing your life is friendly to the second one, means, the planets governing your life, can be friendly to each other or may be enemy too. If they are friends, thats pretty good, if not, you will face problems and thats where Numerology will help you with change in name alphabets and also use of favorable colours etc. It is also believed each day – Monday to Sunday is also ruled by a particular planet, for example – Sunday is for Sun, Monday is for Moon etc. Therefore, the day you are born, you start getting vibration from planets as per your birth date. You will now be ruled by positives or negatives of associated planets. 

Numerology as per west considers mainly three aspects – Your date of birth (Primary Number) and then your complete date of birth (Destiny Number). Last but not the least, your Name Number.

For Example – if you are born on 3-1-2010, so you “Primary number” will be 3 and “Life Path / Destiny Number” will be 3+1+2+0+1+0=7.

Primary Number and LifePath / Destiny Number

As stated above If you are born on 3-1-2010, so you “Primary number” will be 3 and “Life Path / Destiny Number” will be 3+1+2+0+1+0=7.

Lucky Colours as Per Numerology

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