What is a Good Resume Objective? What are Resumes Objective Examples? How to Write for Success in 2020

What is a Resume Objective or Career Objective for Resume

So, What is a resume objective? What is the difference between resume objective and career objective? Why do we need resume objective or a career objective in resume? A Beautifully written 3-4 line for catchy Resume Objective or Career Objective can get you maximum attention and can really help your resume standing out! Do you really know the importance of these 3-4 lines? Lets understand its importance and then lets discuss how to write resume objective. A Good Resume Objective is a kind of Opening Statement in your resume which describes your long term professional goals in your Career. Generally should be relevant to the position and company you are applying for hence many need alteration if you are applying for jobs where different kind of experience or skill is to be focused. It is a fact that a Recruiters doesn’t give more then 15-20 seconds on your resume, and no one has time to read your entire lengthy 2-3 pager resume. Those 3-4 lines should mention your Goals and objectives beautifully and should grab the attention of Hiring Manager. It should convince the Hiring Manager that you are 100% suitable for this job.

Hope you have not just copied someone else’s Career Objective and You really know what you have written ! Recruiter might ask you to explain 🙂 If you have copied, God save you 🙂

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Importance of Resume Objective / Career Objective for Resume

I Always say, your resume reaches to the recruiter before you, its like an advertisement of you, Hence, should be impressive! Without any doubts, it should be constructed in such a fashion that it should act as a pitch for you. It should mention your relevant experience or a skill that is particularly suitable for that company or a job, which you really think, they are looking for.

Its not necessary that you will find Resume or Career Objective in every resume but ideally it should be there, and if its there, it should catch the attention of recruiter for sure.

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How to write Resume Objective/ Career Objective for Resume

These days, you will find people saying that Resume or Career Objective are obsolete and hence not required. I would still say, even if you don’t really treat it as your Career objective, atleast take it as a 2-3 sentences which describes your potential, which focuses on some key and unique strengths, Any qualification or certification which you want to highlight at the top and all of this should be really important to do that job efficiently and infact, BETTER THEN OTHERS. 

Even if you think word “Resume Objective” is obsolete, remove this headline, but still keep that top paragraph there on the resume and tell the recruiter, how you are better then everyone there on the table.


You should write your Current Designation, that immediately will let them know that you are from same or different background, So Positive No. 1. If you are Fresher, focus on your Highest qualification together with some best certifications you may have or any other relevant knowledge set.

Mention your total Years of Experience and that should be match with their minimum no of work ex requirements. There should not be a mismatch there, Hope you have read the JD carefully before writing your Career Objective. Positive No 2.

Then Mention immediate objective, like a kind of role, company or a job you are looking for, example – Looking for a Large corporate with global presence, etc. Now it should match with their size, and lets say if you are moving from large corporate to small corporate, mention it in such a way (like – Looking for Startup environment) that recruiter will get convinced that you will be happy working for their size/kind of environment. Positive No 3

And Last but not the least – Skill Set related keywords, Like Negotiation Skills, Sales Techniques, Java Development, Digital Marketing and Onpage SEO Skills etc. Needless to say, these Keywords will have the greatest impact. Hence it is now – Positive No 4.


Important – Don’t focus on your growth ambitions here, prove your ability to handle the role and how it is useful for Organisation’s growth, as eventually, you will growth if company will. 

Some people write – looking for organisation where I can grow and become CEO in next 5 years. Isn’t it funny, Isn’t it telling that you are over ambitions, Isn’t it telling that you might again change if you dont get that? Don’t write anything risky there.

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What is a good resume objective, career objective and how to do it?
What is a good resume objective, career objective and how to do it?

Best Resume Objective Examples / Career Objective for Resume Examples

For Senior Sales Experienced Candidates, it can be like – 

Sales Head in Leading Telecom company, with total 15 years of experience, looking for change in an MNC, Where I can use my people management and Analytical Skills for Organisation’s growth and success.

In above example, we have mentioned a crux of your resume which is 100 % relevant to the role. 

  • You mentioned your current level, that you are Sales Head, and not a fresher or a junior employee, hence fit for senior role.
  • You mentioned that you are a seasoned resource with 15 yrs exp,
  • You mentioned that you have People management skills and Analytical Skills and 
  • you want to use it for organisation’s growth and success

For Freshers, Career or Resume Objective can be like – 

An MBA with Digital Marketing Diploma, Looking for a Startup Company where I can use and improve my SEO, SMM skills for Organisation’s growth and success.

For Junior Level Sales Role, Career or Resume Objective can be –

Top performing sales representative with MBA, seeking to enhance sales figures for YXZ Corp. Previousy Worked as sales exec. for BAC Corp for two years. Sourced 20 Corporate customers in own landscaping company. 99% retention and 200% growth in business.

For CSR Role, Career or Resume Objective can be like – 

Customer service Representative with 1 year of experience, seeking an opportunity to use my Communication skills and customer service skills to improve customer satisfaction

For Retail Role, Career or Resume Objective can be like – 

Smart retail executive, expert in inventory management. Looking forward to increase sales and customer retention at ATNT Telecom. Relevant retail experience at BCG Telecom as cashier and restocker, achieved best executive award for excellent customer communication.

A Teacher’s Career or Resume Objective can be like – 

Enthusiastic Teacher, with 5 years experience, Expert in SAT tutoring. Successfully raised one student’s score on SATs from 1100 to 1400. Currently working for Xavier’s Institute, Scored in the top 0.06% in the nation on the SATs.

Career Objective As a Fresher/ Resume Objective of a Fresher

You may have 100s of students in your college, but think of lakhs of Freshers in your country, as the market is open that company to hire from any city. Now for freshers, since you are a blank canvas and dont really have any proven practical experience, hence it becomes important to focus on few things mentioned below – 

  • Don’t Forget to mention your Highest Qualification
  • If you have done qualification from reputed A Cat college, mention it. 
  • Any relevant short term training / course / partitime job you have done
  • Skill that’s your core competency
  • Your willingness to go extra mile, Like Open to travel etc. 

Example Career or Resume Objective as a Fresher – 

B.Tech. from Computer Science with 6 months certification in Digital Marketing, Keen to use my Software Development and Marketing Skills,  Ready to work in client facing role, Can be helpful in increasing client base of ABC Corp, Open to travel across country.

  • Have you noticed – Here I have used your B.TECH. Qualification,
  • Mentioned your 6 months Digital Market Certification
  • Despite your engineering qualification, made it relevant for sales /Client Facing role.
  • Used word Keen, Purposefully as Fresher should really show his intent to join and organisation, Don’t make recruiter feel as if you have sent one of hundred’s applications to him.
  • Mentioned Company’s name for obvious reasons.
  • Open to travel is your willingness to go extra mile.

 Now You atleast deserve a call for Interview, Rest is your Luck.. All the best.

What Makes a "Best Resume with Career Objective "- Summary

So, to summarise, a Best Resume with Career Objective will be the one which has Short and crisp 2-4 lines Career Objective written on the top which has your profile Relevancy and intent both. Resume which clearly has your Current designation, your overall years of experience, Unique Skills required for the job, What value you can add to the company, Intention to join the company with its name mentioned there and also matching the size and environment expectations etc.

A Best Resume with career objective is one which is able to grab the recruiters attention and force him to read the entire resume in detail, Any resume which atleast helps you to get a call for interview, is a Best Resume for sure. Rest you will manage the interview well and will get the selection call from there 🙂

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