The Lion and the Mouse Story (Bed Time Stories for Kids)

story of lion and the mouse

Story of the Lion and the Mouse with moral for kids (English). Welcome Kids to the world of The Lion and The Mouse. Great Popular story you all will Love. So here are your Lion and the Mouse 🙂 Lion and the Mouse Story begins: Once upon a time, there was a big forest and … Read more

GoldiLocks and the Three Bears Story (Popular Bed Time Stories for Kids)

Goldilocks and the three bears story tale

Lets Catchup with another popular bedtime story for Kids, Tales they will Love – GoldiLocks and the Three Bears. Best Story for Kids with Morale, Videos, Slides and everything. Have a look at complete page and checkout our Bed Time for Stories for Kids Category for more such great stories. Till Then – Enjoy Goldilocks … Read more

Tortoise and the Hare Story | Tortoise and Rabbit Story In English For 2023

Tortoise and the hare story, tortoise and rabbit story

Lets Start – Tortoise and the Hare (Rabbit) Story Once upon a time, there was a Jungle somewhere. There were two friends – Hare(Rabbit) and Tortoise. Hare (Rabbit) was very much proud of his Speed and self obsessed with his Speed. Everyone knows that Hare (Rabbit) can run really fast, so every one praised him … Read more