Kanan Gill – Standup comedian

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KANAN GILL– Standup Comedian – one of the most admired standup comedian of India today. One and Only – Kanan Gill is an Indian stand-up comedian, actor and also a popular YouTuber. Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath are known for the YouTube series Pretentious Movie Reviews where they reviewed flawed yesteryear Bollywood movies. He (Kanand Gill) … Read more

Zakir Khan – Standup Comedian

Zakir Khan, Who is Zakir Khan? how he became comedian? All about Zakir Khan

Who is Zakir Khan? Why Zakir Khan is so famous? Well, we all know him..Zakir khan is one of the most loving Standup comedians in the India. Zakir Khan’s success can be seen from huge crowd support and success of his recent “Haq Se Single tour”. Also the show with same name at Amazon Prime was … Read more