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“Tell Me About Yourself”? Hey, seems like such an easy Interview Question! The interviewer is asking you only about yourself. Isn’t it easy? Had this been easy, you wouldn’t have been here. In fact, this question is one of the great questions for you as well as the interviewer as it gives an opportunity to both of you to understand each other and a fair chance to express yourself. 

But “Tell me about yourself” is not a simple Interview question. It’s definitely a tricky one and shakes you completely from top to bottom as you are completely point-blank from where to start and where to end. Therefore this article and my suggestions/advice below will surely help you.

In this article we will try to discuss the purpose of this question, Tips to crack questions like “Tell me about yourself” and will give you a complete guide on how to handle these questions during your interviews.

tell me about yourself interview question

Also, Anything which you will say in your answer will generate even more questions. The interviewer will surely get you the questions to answer, which will be specific to what you have just said in your answer to “Tell me about yourself”. Therefore you need to be cautious about what you are saying.

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Tell me about yourself – Guide to crack Interview in 2022-2023

Interviewer – “Tell Me About Yourself”?

You – “Sir!!”, “Sir!!” (almost like fainted 🙂 )

Don’t Worry. Mentioned below are some tips you should take care and then we will proceed in detail.

Tips to handle – Tell me about yourself

tell me about yourself
  • As per Job Description, Go prepared on what Interviewer is looking for actually from candidates? What he would be interested in knowing from you?
  • Mention your most recent and related skill and work profile along with some certifications you may have. You need to prove yourself a right fit.
  • Focus on things which are not already there in your CV like appreciations, challenges you have faced, real life examples if any etc. Don’t just read out your resume there.
  • According to the role you can start with your Highest qualification, relevant skills, Overall Work experience, current profile and role and previous related assignments you have handled. 
  • Ensure to mention your positives, strengths, Achievements and Innovative approach.
  • Don’t generalize, be specific.
  • Quote numbers and data, avoid any unnecessary example which may generate a more tough question for you to answer. 
  • Style should be like you need to match your skill set, background, communication, personality, team size etc with current job description.
  • You can also add a line on your interests, hobbies etc like Guitar, Cricket etc which should be interesting for someone to know.
  • If you want, You can also add strengths and weaknesses etc.
  • Always initiate and carry the discussion ahead by saying sentences like – Incase I missed out anything, you may please ask.

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  • “Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I am an MBA in Retail Business and started my career with XYZ retail Stores as Operations Head. Total 8 years of experience. During my assignments, I have been awarded multiple times on consistent business growth. I have atleast added 5 new stores every years which has given me and experience to start the business in most crucial locations from scratch. With almost zero attrition I have groomed my team as the top performers which ultimately makes me a successful team manager. Now about my family I have my wife who is a home maker, a Mother who is retired govt employee and a Son who studies in class 6th. Iam a passionate guitarist and loves to play rock. Pardon me Incase I missed out on anything, you may please ask”
  • Civil Engineer by education and Sales Person by profession, Iam a successful Sales Manager at ABC Realstates and got 2 promotions in my last 4 years. Did my schooling from a convent school which gave me a great communication and interpersonal skills, which makes me good in closing deals and negotiations. I like connecting to everyone who can help me learn in my highly dynamic industry. Started with a team of two sales representative, today we have a team of 14 performers under me. Prior to this organisation, I was with XXX Infra for about 4 years and shifted as it closed its operations. About my family, I belong to a business class family background, My father and mother jointly managing the show, my wife works in digital marketing space and daughter is class 4th student. Iam an adventurous guy who loves visiting new places, loved to do paragliding and rafting etc. This is all about me, you may please ask incase I missed out anything”

You may also add your strengths and weaknesses if you want, however not mandatory. So in the above examples, you need to take care of communications skills, make sure the interviewer is judging you on that. Express yourself with what makes you a right fit and relate your profile, experience etc with the JD, talk specifically. Don’t forget to mention your achievements, successes etc. Courtesy is also very important and you have already gone ahead and requested the interviewer to ask whatever he likes which is missed.

Tricks and Hacks – Tell me about yourself

Basis my experience of almost 13 years in the industry in various senior roles, I have advised you basis that and for the Complete Success – read out the related articles Why Should I Hire You?How to Do Interview Preparation?Resume Basics.

As per Harvard’s HBR article which is published on the same question – tell me about yourself,  which I liked the most, they want you to –

a)  Be more than your resume or Biodata,

b)  Next you should be quick and efficient in identifying the need of the role.

c)  Figure out how you Fill the need.

d) Practice it out to precision and perfection.

e) You are now ready to pull it out altogether.

Things you should avoid –

  • Never attend your interviews without knowing the complete job description.
  • If you cannot prove anything, dont just quote it.
  • Dont miss out on supporting statements with data to validate your success and achievements.
  • Avoid copying your resume, be more then Bio as we said above.
  • Don’t mention anything which is not relevant directly to the job and yourself.
  • Wait for your turn to ask questions if you have, don’t just ask vague questions at this point of time.
  • Grammatical mistakes are the biggest turnoffs. 
  • Improper pronunciation is negative for team handling roles. 

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